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Tom Lee discusses the historic market sell-off, probability of a recession, and bitcoin as a hedge

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Thomas Lee, Fundstrat Global Advisors’ Managing Partner and Head of Research, joins The Final Round to discuss Monday's volatile market action, what's driving the monumental sell off, the economic outlook and bitcoin and crypto as a possible hedge. [Full Episode]
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Yahoo Finance photo 1 Tom Lee discusses the historic... Yahoo Finance photo 2 Tom Lee discusses the historic... Yahoo Finance photo 3 Tom Lee discusses the historic... Yahoo Finance photo 4 Tom Lee discusses the historic...

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by pippotto7777 1 week ago

When I see a video with Tom Lee, I click on it and go straight to the comments and don’t even listen to the video.

by Zio Oren 3 weeks ago

Tom Lee is an absolute fraud. Someone check his CV because there's no way he's qualified

by Arteta's Arse-bandits 3 weeks ago

bitcoin great hedge goes down even faster than stocks

by nuclearrain99 3 weeks ago

tom lee has never been on the right side of the trade for years folk bitcoin 100.k lol

by william signorile 4 weeks ago

Why news stations still get this guy on? He has the worst track record literally!

by james steele 3 weeks ago

STFU Tom Lee I lost money listening to u than my student loan debt. The real pandemic here is you, going from 1 media platform to the other spreading your "words of wisdom".

by Stoic Roman 4 weeks ago

Disliked & unsubbed for Tom Lee!

by yezzzsir 3 weeks ago

During this crisis I invented economics rule #13! Never trust anything because you have no idea. The only thing we know is that when we stopped backing money %100 with gold we have had inflation and money losing 96% of it's value. We are printing so much money now and using all the tools to keep the stock market afloat. No one ever talks about how we are in the midst of the biggest credit bubble in the history of the world that I am familiar with. Mike

by 1sunstyle 4 weeks ago

smuck insurance= bitcoin. ill be so happy when its over come fall

by kastelvetro 4 weeks ago

He has no clue you can tell by the way he uuuuhhhm uhhhm

by Sweet Sour 3 weeks ago

bitcoin just lost half its value

by f581474x 3 weeks ago

Incompetence be like:

by Tay 3 weeks ago

Ohh now he's not saying bitcoin is the best hedge on the universe.... Hodl lol

by Healthy Growth 3 weeks ago

Has Tom Lee given up playing drums for Motley Crue now ....and become an economic forecaster,when did that happen dude?

by Des R 3 weeks ago

He has been always wrong in his past estimations and they ask his opinion as if he knows something

by Isaac Haim 3 weeks ago


by Mike Lroy 2 weeks ago

I have been following him for years. He has never been right. But this time, he might be right.

by Andrew Lee 4 weeks ago

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