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We Force James Charles to Run a Military Obstacle Course

#austen alexander #funny #funny collab #markiplier fitness #Comedy
James Charles joins us as we attempt to run a Military Obstacle Course!
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Sorry for the delay, the audio sync issue has been fixed. Fortunately, there's another error in the video for you guys to find! It's like an easter egg hunt! First to find it gets an hour shaved off their timer!

by Unus Annus 5 days ago

Mark: “I let you step on Ethan”
Ethan: “thanks Mark”
James: “Sorry Ethan”
I was laughing

by Nope 5 days ago

James's nails before the course: Hi sisters!~

James's nails after the course: I am sister chipped.

by Shu-Yue (Olivia) Wang 7 hours ago

mark with james: uwu. u can do this!!
mark with ethan: UR TERRIBLE U SUCK

by vultureculture 10 hours ago

Mark: Saying a supportive speech to James

Everyone else: Trying not to laugh

by Bunn1io 11 hours ago

“Mark, he’s so annoying why did you invite him??”

Me: laughs in ex-gymnast “James you haven’t even seen half of it—“

by Sshyclone 9 hours ago

Ethan: slays the course

James: trys his best

Mark: manly noises

by Invader Puppycat 5 days ago

Mark: has a lot of strength
Ethan: gymnast boi
James: the expert with d’s

by Jackson Playz Roblox 14 hours ago

This is their level results!!

Ethan: Expert

Mark: Average

James: MOOD

by Elliot Blevins 14 hours ago

Ethan: perfect run
Mark: struggling through

by Vivian Larson 8 hours ago

They were like “his butt is sexy but I ain’t gay”

by YouTube Policy 8 hours ago

Ethan has to be more careful, he's gonna get drafted

by Ethan Holter 5 days ago

The title "We force james charles to run a military course"
Me: so how did u do it? U guys gave him a pallet or ..?

by itzleslie carrera 15 hours ago

Mark to James: “ur doing great” “come on you can do it”

Mark to Ethan: “I have never been more hideous by a someone in my life” “ur trash” “

by Omnom Meme 3 hours ago

Austin: Positive to his team mate
Mark: “yOuRe LiTtErAl TrAsh”

by Alexis Paranoid 7 hours ago


James charles: I'm an expert with d's

by RIP Juicewrld 7 hours ago

Ethan: running the course like a beast

James and Mark: You need a boost friend? A snack? Some help?

by Rori Ayn 5 days ago

james and mark: help each other


by NASA Bee 9 hours ago

Military Man: So It’s Just A Bunny Hop. James: adds a spin

by Rec. Room Gaming 7 hours ago

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