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Girls Problems with Long Nails and Short Nails

#Problems with Long Nails #Girls Problems #Funny #super long nails #Howto & Style
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Which nails are better - short or long? If you have not decided on the length, then we advise you to watch our new video. In it you will find out what problems you may encounter!
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by Troom Troom 1 month ago

Solution: Have medium length natural nails

by Kriesha Singh 1 month ago

Her: scard of loseing a nail

Also her: loseing her eye but cares about nails

by Alina Madera 2 days ago

I guess I’m the only one who can put eyelashes on with long nails;-;

by Teresa Culbertson 1 day ago

The girl with the longest nails in the world uses like one bottle for two hands but her she aperently uses a lost of layers

by Grace Icaza 1 day ago

Oh my god.. your making girls with long nails look “over dramatic”

by Addison Harding 5 days ago

When your here for simplynailogical ! Need another video of this

by Sophs Moran 1 month ago

8:20 PM if you think those are long nails see Billie Eilish Nails

by yroohj gouy 1 month ago

I mean you could just use your knuckle:shrug_tone4:‍♀️

by Makiyah Williams 3 weeks ago

Alfalfa "I'm a sensitive male, I have softer skin, and the most cutest eyelashes:heart_eyes:"

by mixio hili 1 month ago

Troomtroom: we can fix that! :knife::hand_splayed:

by Clark Wahlberg 1 month ago

“I think you’d be better off wearing thanos’ infinity gauntlet”

by 「Ocean Breeze」 1 month ago

the voice is SENDING ME

by Jj Comb2 1 day ago

she could just say something she doesn’t have to use her nails

by Jennifer Meadows 1 week ago

Christine i'm waiting for a video :rofl::rofl:

by xxdgbxx alma 1 month ago

Nevertheless, i love my long nails. Classy

By the way, narration is quite unnecessary

by Ms. Rise 3 weeks ago

You know theres a so called thing as twizers

by Ayesha _Roblox 5 days ago

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