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MatPat's $1.7 Million Defy Media Controversy: It Almost Happened to Us | Treesicle

#treesicle #defy lawsuit #defy media controversy #defy media scam #Entertainment
A few days ago, MatPat of The Game Theorists released a video going into the November 2018 shut down of Defy Media without any notice. Defy Media represented Game Theory, Film Theory, and GTLive - among so many other Creator's channels. As with all MCNs, YouTube was sending the channel's adsense earnings THROUGH Defy, but when they shut down without any notice in 2018, the money was not sent on to the creators. Instead, it was held in their bank, Ally Bank, who has the ability to determine which people will get their money back. Join your host, Ryan, as he goes into the MatPat (and other Creators) + Defy Media Controversy and gives the experience with MCNs and Defy.
And, please, do what you can to spread this word, either by sharing this video, MatPat's video, tweeting, retweeting, instagramming, whatever it is you do. We need to help those creators who got stolen from. All of us here on YouTube are a family. What affects one of us, affects all of us. We can't allow any creator to get their money stolen from them ever again.
MatPat: They stole $1.7 million ▶ https://youtu.be/ACNhHTqIVqk
Intro Music: Masked Heroes by Vexento https://soundcloud.com/vexento
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Gaming content that understands the need for lulz and learning. Join Grant, Ryan, Tyler, and Mike for conciousness-expanding videos on your favorite gaming topics.
MatPat's $1.7 Million Defy Media Controversy: It Almost Happened to Us
#DEFYMedia #Defy #MatPat
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About Treesicle, Gaming content that understands the need for lulz and learning. Join Grant, Ryan, Tyler, and Mike for consciousness-expanding videos on your favorite gaming topics.
MatPat's $1.7 Million Defy Media Controversy: It Almost Happened to Us | Treesicle

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Treesicle photo 1 MatPat's $1.7 Million Defy Media... Treesicle photo 2 MatPat's $1.7 Million Defy Media... Treesicle photo 3 MatPat's $1.7 Million Defy Media... Treesicle photo 4 MatPat's $1.7 Million Defy Media...

I wonder how many of these things happen, just on a smaller scale such that it never gets public attention.

by Justin Y. 1 year ago

I’m glad you’re bringing attention to this, thank you.

by Ayaan2020 1 year ago

Lawyer here. I tried to publish something on MCNs a while ago but you know what. You’re awesome. NEVER AGREE TO A CONTRACT IF YOU DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE applauds

by illusionsmage 1 year ago

As a small, but growing, channel, I want to thank you guys personally for making this video. If I hadn't found out about things like MCN's & all that other stuff, I could've easily been scammed out of everything. Thank you, Treesicle team. & MatPat, if you're even reading this, thank you too. ~Ian

by NinjaGoBrickFilmz 1 year ago

Good thing it didn’t happen to you. Or did it?

(VSauce theme plays)

by Daniel Sambar 1 year ago

Thank god MCNs are a dying business, 90% of the things you hear about them are bad.

by Matthew Yorke Gambhir 1 year ago

Honestly speaking this problem is more indicative of YouTubes major problems then it is about mcm's.

Granted their a problem as well but they are just abusing a broken system that YouTube has allowed to continue to exist as is because YouTube doesn't care about their creators but their investors and this all has to change from the ground up honestly YouTube should take responsibility for this them selves and pay out creators for allowing this to happen.

Granted they probably wont but they should but if people start taking action against them maybe they might.

by arctic fox 1 year ago

At first I thought you were just gonna roast MatPat and them I'm glad I stayed and you proved those fears unfounded.
Its nice to see you speaking from the heart,

by Whats under the hat? 1 year ago

I’m glad the Treeboys were safe from this, but those other creators are really in a bad spot. Hopefully this video can help spread this message out more so that it makes them hear the voice of everyone. Good video guys, hopefully this shit never happens again.

by Travguy19 1 year ago

1,700,000 is NOTHING to a bank. But split evenly between the 50 creators its 34,000 or a years salary (for a low paying job) still...that's a substantial amount of money for an individual creator, and a drop in the bucket for a bank.

Especially when that money LAWFULLY does not belong to Defy. It is literally a bank using employee wages to collect on the debt of their employer

It sucks..1.7 million isn't enough to hire a lawyer to fight this in court...but it's so much lost money to the individuals

by The Left can't Meme 1 year ago

This throws an interesting monkey wrench into the typical hierarchy of liquidated assets. In corporate finance, a liquidated company's assets go first to secured debt holders (bonds), then to unsecured debt holders (a specific order of people holding things like stock and the like). But no textbook in my undergrad degree mentioned where something like a YouTuber would fall in that mix. This entire debacle, while tragic, would make an excellent business school case study.

by Tom McMorrow 1 year ago

Seriously never sign something unless the you 100% agree to the contract. Once you sign that contract you’re locked into it exactly the way its written and there’s no reason the company you signed with will renegotiate once you sign.

by randomgirl L 1 year ago

I honestly think that this is all in vein. Ally is a BANK, not a corporation. Ally OWNS many corporations through debits.
Ally has released a statement that's shown in this video that they have been affected by this and will be suffering a loss from the loan.
You honestly think Ally will be willing to add an additional %90 to that loss? I don't think so.

Ally Bank, like many publically known banks, are actually branches of a larger tree of banks.
Ally is a public ally traded company that's owned by:
JP Morgan Chase (Another bank)
Bank of New York Mellon Corp (Another Bank)
Harris Associates (An investment corp)
The Vanguard Group (An investment corp)

Ally will be acting in their best interest to make sure that 1.7 Billion hit will be a small as possible so their investors won't care too much about it.

Spreading these videos on social media won't do shit, especially if the owner of Defy Media had connections to powerful people in social media, which they most likely did. The Defy Media owner would then most likely have made a deal where the social media giants would suppress any information like this discreetly. Sure, this will be trending for a day or two, but then it'll disappear. Youtube and Google themselves will suppress this as this will make Youtube look even worse.

You want to make an impact? The four corporations I just lised: JP Morgan, Bank of New York Mellon Corp, Harris Associates, and The Vanguard Group, GET PHONE NUMBERS, GET EMAILS, GET ADDRESSES AND START CALLING AND WRITING LETTERS AND EMAILS!
Don't just stop at the corporate address, emails and phone numbers, get the CEO's info, the board of director's info, their investor's info.
This is the kind of shit the Chans to get to action done. This is the only thing that fucking works. A stupid hashtag campaign accomplishes FUCK ALL.

If it is clear that Ally can't give the money to the rightful owners, get their investors and parent companies to force Ally to release Defy's Dox and then get everyone involved, from investors, to banks, to Youtubers to file a class-action law-suit for Fraud.

by Scythe Ironclaw 1 year ago

So why don't YouTubers make union of creators to protect each other. If you create a large mass of YouTubers who all chip into the corporation. Effectively creating an mcn by, for, and of the creators.

by Ferdinand Von Aegir 1 year ago

Unless they can get a pro Bono lawyer that money is gone.

If they hire a lawyer to fight for it, the money is gone.

If they do nothing, the money is gone.

Long story short, that money is gone. Terrible....

by The Left can't Meme 1 year ago

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