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John Lennox | Science & Faith Conversations

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Mathematician and Theologian John Lennox of the University of Oxford discusses science and his faith.
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I like how Lennox makes sense of things.

by Pete J 3 months ago

Praise God for your brilliance. Thank you for putting these together! May God bless.

by Cody Cargill Sr. 3 months ago

The book we’ve al been waiting for since his lecture during the Trending Questions series of RZIM. Or I am the only one waiting? 😜

by jelrijk 3 months ago

And thank you very much you beautiful brother in the Lord, how blessed we are to have you here among us. May the Lord keep you until his day, that you would also see Him come. I look forward to hearing you speak on many subjects in the future, to hear the wisdom that the King has bestowed to you for our sakes. Amen.

by Derek Laing 3 months ago

Thanks John for all your hard work, much appreciated

by Gofor It 3 months ago

Lennox looks Healthy & happy can't say the same for his former atheist debate opponent who I will not name here.

by JayDee284 3 months ago

I cant say its the same for everyone but I cried out loud from the heart for God to let me know if he is real. Since that plea. My house was haunted and I experienced 4 miricals and felt the touch of an angel. I've no doubt about the father. I'm not in blind faith. I knocked on the fathers door and it opened and the light that shone has filled my life with the knowledge.

by The Mask 3 months ago

John, please reach out to Joe Rogan and have a podcast with him. He is even minded and needs to have a conversation with you. Thank you for being you. God bless you man!

by The Don 2 months ago

Your speech, vocabulary, and metaphors just blows my mind =O

by jz77096 2 months ago

theres a square root of -1? my high school math teachers lied to me!

by magicskyfairy69 3 months ago

Whenever and wherever there is a beautiful video about Christianity such as this one, the parasites appear in masses. Just like after the rain the snails come out. Is there any book to read about the psychology of a parasite? Otherwise I'll write one. I bet it'll be a bestseller.

by Ple Eu 3 months ago

John Lennox is a beast God bless

by Beast Mode 3 months ago

I am not a very educated or clever person but I never understood why people oppose science and faith. Science is just a way of discovering God's creation, a method of enquiry and not a belief system.

by M B 3 months ago

Hiya mr. John Lennox, just to let you know before you go, Christian evolutionists do not enter Heaven. You still have about a year to seek the truth. There is no repentance after you leave your physical body. Second Ezra is a great book to gain a better understanding. It is part of the Apocrypha. Shalom

by Tellme Truth 3 months ago

My minister just informed me that you believe God uses a evolutionary process to create the world ? Is that Correct and if not have you got a YouTube article that specifically speaks to your beliefs on Creation.

by robert marshall 3 months ago

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