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Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty facing Charges | Will Nicki Minaj stand by him? | I GO DEEP!

The Truth Show photo 1 Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty... The Truth Show photo 2 Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty... The Truth Show photo 3 Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty... The Truth Show photo 4 Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty...

Stop asking me to go deep in this video. When you know I can't. They already flagged the damn video! So, what’s the point of trying?! I went deep on him and Nicki many times on previous videos. They flagged them and I have no idea where they are, now.

by The Truth Show 21 hours ago

This girl so rich she not thirsty for a man she dehydrated first her brother now her husband

by Ellen Smith 1 day ago

Why y'all shocked
She stood by her brother
Now her Husband
She knew he is a Rapist and still
Said I Do.

by Mommy&Daughter Williamson 1 day ago

her body parts getting old now

by 18billions 1 day ago

Wonder if she will leave her daughter with him of she had one!

by Special K 1 day ago

Rabbit hole is right! She's already down there, boo. When you sell out, nothing good comes of it.

by Cailan J. Garrett 1 day ago

Is Nikki really married to petty??? find out for your viewers.. !!🙏🦋🕊💐💖💍

by Lorene Cheatwood 1 day ago

JFK FINALLY EXPOSED: Did  JFK warn us about coronavirus? Not really, but he and his brother RFK defo warned us about taking vaccines. This infuriated the Rockefellers so they used the young George H W Bush, the head of the CIA and Order 322 member to take out JFK and his brother, RFK.






by Qasim Ali 1 day ago

Holding up that Illuminati symbol that most of them do Damn sold out Devils

by Pamme Mellison #BLM 1 day ago

I find it odd, her mother passing away then the roc nation deal. I'm just saying.

by July Stroud 1 day ago

J Cole ,dont save her, she dont wanna be save,don't save her

by Simone M 1 day ago

I said the same thing that she must if been sexual abused to want to be involved with sexual predators

by Special K 1 day ago

I hope her brother didn’t molested her or family member she can be something great again. It’s 😢 sad to see theses artists souls go down this path. Great video love you GOD BLESS YOU 🙏🏼😊

by Margaret T. 1 day ago

Been a fan of this for awhile idk if it’s just me or the videos are becoming shorter and shorter but I still love your work so 💯

by Juice 9730 1 day ago

Let him to go to jail he will be just fine same boys will tighten him up again

by damm will 1 day ago

Wait up!!! Did he ask her for her hand in marriage?Or did she ask him? Inquisitive minds want to know.... just askn 😎

by Darryl Hayes Hayes 1 day ago

Let go deep I miss u Truth show

by Nap I 1 day ago

Who is that man 👀😂 Romeo from Steve Harvey being reincarnated they're resurrect DNA switch em up just a bit so you won't notice

by L.E.T. Ra5 17 hours ago

Wow that’s a lot of disclaiming that you have to do.

by SLeak 19 hours ago

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