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Tom Lehrer - When You Are Old And Gray

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Lehrer did have a healthy perspective on marriage and aging. And he is right, as always. Just listen to "When You Are Old And Gray". This is true Lehrer wisdom of life, and it is good fun too :-)
Now, is it true that some YouTube videos deteriorate over time? The last time this video was checked it had a stuttering playback. If this happens to you, add the code &fmt=18 to the page url or select the alternative version ("National Brotherhood Week" and "When You Are Old And Gray" double video).
Lehrer said "OK" to "The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel" on YouTube, as long as the performance is not altered and as long as it's free in the YouTube flash video format.
Click on the user name and visit the channel's front page. The channel is Lehrer only, no other YouTube ego's. And here is a link to a NEW channel support page.
© Tom Lehrer
Recording date: September 11th 1967
Format: Ampex Quadruplex PAL 4:3
Status: A very rare recording
Storage: Sony Digital Betacam
Production and preservation: The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation - the NRK, Norway. More here.

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The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel photo 1 Tom Lehrer - When You... The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel photo 2 Tom Lehrer - When You... The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel photo 3 Tom Lehrer - When You... The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel photo 4 Tom Lehrer - When You...

An awful debility
A lessened utility
A loss of mobility
Is a strong possibility
In all probability
I'll lose my virility
And you your fertility
And desirability
And this liability
Of total sterility
Brings with it hostility
And a sense of futility
So let's act with agility
While we still have facility
For we'll soon reach senility
And lose the ability...

Best rhyme sequence in the history of mankind.

by Alexander M 1 year ago

He went from young and grey to old and in color.

by MistressKatari 6 years ago

i just started listening to this guy and i love his dark sense of humor holy heck

by vorgaesthetic 1 year ago

I have to confirm, being an old fart myself, that everything he says in this song is true. I laughed myself silly at it. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may...

by Debi Lamm 1 year ago

I want this to be my wedding song.

by Shannon 7 years ago

What does tom Lehrer think of this at 90

by Noel Hecht 1 year ago

I sat at the edge of my seat for the whole middle section of "ITY-s" in this video just for him to utter the word, "VIRGINITY" XD haha

by onemerryjester 8 years ago

My doctor, nurse, and pychiatrist are spending a lot of time on me prescribing loads of drugs to keep me going, but as Tom Lehrer suggests it is all futile. Once I started to lose my libido 15 years ago, developed diabetes and was diagnosed as bipolar I was f***. Jeremy Corbyn should adopt another policy to save the health service money. When a patient reaches such a critical stage in their life give them a Lehrer cd and offer an easy route to Dignitas.

by Terry McCaffrey 4 years ago

I've just got engaged and I'm 71, so I'll have to make the most of it before this song becomes my liability.

by Tom Holy 8 months ago

This seems really funny to me, as well as a dash of realism for anyone who believes in "happily ever after". The point is, enjoy what you have while you have it, because nothing lasts. But he makes it with wit and panache

by dehdeh55 6 years ago

I love this kind of black humor played with honesty and soul 

by Matthew. Eich 5 years ago

Great song!! Is it by any chance a "punny" reference to When I am Sixty-Four, by The Beatles? 

I've seen him mock Ringo in some other song and seeing the date of the recording (sept. 1967, just a few months later after the Beatles' song came out) it just makes sense to me haha. I haven't found the exact year When You Are Old and Grey was published, so forgive me if I am wrong. Just an idea!

(Also, sorry for my not-so-great English, it's my 3rd language and it isn't always easy!)

by Laura Vázquez Freijedo 5 years ago

Tom Lehrer was the Bo Burnham of the 50's and 60's.

by Justin Bellman 9 years ago

It has begun, I am beginning to unconsciously learn this song, I started humming it during class without realizing it, hopefully I will learn all the lyrics

by Templarkiller 2 years ago

@Cdromultraspeed, no. I´ll tell you the truth: when I posted the video recorded Lehrer songs on this dubious channel in 2007 I pretended to be from Sweden because these were recordings never seen by anybody (and, at that time, not commercially available). But, thank God, that changed with the 2010 release of The Tom Lehrer Collection. I´m from Norway :-)

by The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel 9 years ago

Yes, he'll have to find one who appreciates harsh truths over pleasant lies... not an easy task, that.

by Elizabeta Macovei 6 years ago

I sent this to my GF with the caption “this is my favorite love song to describe how long I will love you for ❤️”

She was not amused

by Politically Uninformed 2 weeks ago

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