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UNCUT: The Nicki Minaj Interview With Stephen Colbert

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She said WHAT to Colbert? Find out all that you missed in this extended version of 'Barbie Dreams' singer Nicki Minaj's visit to The Late Show in support of her new album 'Queen.'
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I like how she motivated him with a beat. She's a real rapper.

by Polina Tkachenko 2 months ago

I haven't seen him blush this much since he flirted with jake gyllenhaal

by TardisInTheSkye 4 months ago

I can see why Ariana loves her she has the cutest personality

by Jenn Daisy 4 months ago

"Are you married?"
"Are you married?"
"Stephen.exe has stopped working."

by Tajae Wallace 7 months ago

“I might f—k Stephen after the show,
He’ll come back to work with a magical glow
But If you see us, don’t f—king stare
Just address me as Queen Nicky Colbert.”

by Andrew Mastin 4 months ago

Nicki is cute and funny as Hell I never understood why people don’t like her.

by Seseblue Seseblue 5 months ago

Black hair really suits her. Like if you agree

by safi eddine 1 year ago

Nicki: Are you married?
Stephen: what?
Nicki : Are you married
Stephen: Words, words, words say something damn it!!!!

by RelaxWith C&D 3 months ago

When that fan shouted “love you Nicki” and without missing a beat she blew out a kiss. That shows how good she is to her fans

by Tony Hu 2 months ago

Nicki Minaj just never really did it for me before now. This interview totally changed that. She completely won me over. As she obviously did Stephen. She's like... unbelievably sexy.

by Luke Visinoni 2 weeks ago

Him shuffling through his cards and then saying,"I don't know where to go from here" had me in tears... Can't script some things

by Chris Davis 2 months ago

Moral of this story: while all these other guys couldn’t get with Nicki, she’d jump Stephen in a heartbeat and he would come back to work with a magical glow. She’s not wrong.

by Carolina Murtha 3 months ago

I love how she blew the fan a kiss without missing a beat.

by Tyler Newman 3 months ago

Stephen: How would you put me in the song?
*Nicki puts Stephen in the song*
Stephen: deceased

by Banana Rama 2 weeks ago

Not into her music, but she is an absolute stunner, and she’s funny, charismatic and likeable.
She’s awesome!

by Dc Mac 3 months ago

He was so flustered during this interview which made it hilarious.

by Jubilee Chambers 3 months ago

Only she knows how to get stephen speechless.

by Kay Zaphina 4 months ago

The look of betrayal on Nicki’s face when he showed Donald’s butt. 🤣🤣

by Xxmilkshake202xX 5 months ago

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