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Adam Levine Performs "Purple Rain" at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash on SiriusXM

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Adam Levine and Train perform Prince's "Purple Rain" at Howard's 2014 Birthday Bash on SiriusXM! Watch the FULL Birthday Bash on the SiriusXM app: https://siriusxm.us/2U9J3aa
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The Howard Stern Show photo 1 Adam Levine Performs The Howard Stern Show photo 2 Adam Levine Performs The Howard Stern Show photo 3 Adam Levine Performs The Howard Stern Show photo 4 Adam Levine Performs

Outside from Prince, i don't think anyone else has performed this song any better.

by Alejandro Gonzalez 3 years ago

Never took him serious until this . That boy is 110% legit

by Karl Eisentraut 10 months ago

I'm pretty sure that guitar is now pregnant!

by sighheinrich 1 month ago

Who's coming back to watch this in 2020?

by KoomKoomz 9 months ago

I’m a prince fan and this was a pure gold performance and rendition of Prince.

by Helping Hand Solutions 1 month ago

I had no idea...Why is he playing below his level in Maroon 5 ?! This guy needs to fly solo and do some serious rock, blues and funk albums...

by David Pearl 3 years ago

This SHOULD have been his Superbowl performance.

by Brent Crude 9 months ago

Never wanted to be an electric guitar more than I do now

by Camille Banks 9 months ago


by Rasmus Skovgaard 8 months ago

Just a time stamp for me to come back to the solo

by led zeppelin 7 months ago

Maroon 5 should have an album where they just cover rock songs

by Koala 11 months ago

Monumentally impressed. That’s a hard song to cover,

by TheMaeq1der 4 months ago

No one can ever cover Purple rain.... Adam levine - "Hold my beer".

by Minkles13 2 months ago

Makes me cry because the genius that created this is gone. Just a fantastic rendition by Adam.

by Garrison64 1 month ago

Is that the Dude from Train? He and Adam gave life it it! Adam that guitar solo: Amazing!

by Tamela Jones 11 months ago

One of the greatest covers of a song that shouldn’t be covered. As good as the original.

by kmsignore 2 months ago

Best cover of this song I've ever heard.

by Jim Fogerty 10 months ago

Adam Levine, i never thought I would say this. But you rocked the hell out of Purple Rain! Your skills on the guitar were impeccable. Mad respect to you. For the record, I can't really listen to PR since the passing of my man, Prince. xoxoxoxo

by Debra J Fitzwater 9 months ago

Holly shit. Didn't know Adam could play that well. Talking about soloing here! so lovely ❤️

by Ahmad Elhamshary 9 months ago

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