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Maya the Jaguar Yawning

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One of the stars of the BBC Two show 'Big Cats About the House', Maya the Jaguar arrived at The Big Cat Sanctuary in Smarden, Kent in July 2017.
Maya is an intelligent, confident and affectionate character and is becoming bigger and stronger every day..
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The Big Cat Sanctuary photo 1 Maya the Jaguar Yawning The Big Cat Sanctuary photo 2 Maya the Jaguar Yawning The Big Cat Sanctuary photo 3 Maya the Jaguar Yawning The Big Cat Sanctuary photo 4 Maya the Jaguar Yawning

She is so big now! What a beautiful baby.

by torian mist 1 year ago

Ohmy God she's got so big ... she's stunning

by K L Martini 9 months ago

Sheโ€™s purrrrty. Get it? Ok, Iโ€™ll leave.

by Colin 1 year ago

the eyes looked blue when she was baby - saw this on Nat Geo Canada yesterday

by utube 9 months ago

Giles and team you guys are a few in a million, love your work helping these beautiful cats. Hope to save up to visit soon ๐Ÿ˜บ

by Acid Agent 1 year ago

Iโ€™m glad to see she grew up. She has one white whisker thatโ€™s funny. I love cats.

by Daniel Smith 11 months ago

She is just gorgeous and breathtaking! God's beautiful creatures!

by dora johnson 5 months ago

She is wonderful! You did a great job guys!!! Thank you :)

by E 1 year ago

Wow she's got big! She's so beautiful ๐Ÿ˜

by Lucifer666 1 year ago

Amazing!! <3

by siemek 1 year ago

I love you Maya been cat sanctuary last year brilliant time! Brilliant work done Giles and rest of the team. Keep it up guys!

by Ali Sleem 8 months ago

what happened to hear teeth? they look really thin.

by Logical Thinker 1 year ago

Where are her 3-inch canines? Good god she's magnificent. What a spectacular creature.

by Ken Shersley 1 year ago

Best programme ive seen for years. Would Maya be likely to have a black cub if she bred?

by Abraham Studios 1 year ago

Isnโ€™t she a black leopard? Jaguars are much more compact and have large patterns on their body.

by Laurel Girard 1 year ago

im confused. why is maya and willow... not actually on the list of resident cats at the shelter ? and why is it that while im watching the program on cable... the fam who had maya and willow.... handled them.. like common house hold cats. i thought big cat rescue frowns on handling the cats. at all cost. it was very strange too me to watch a program on cable with hig cat rescue ... approving of this vet to have these kittens... free range in his daughter's face... and home. I do not understand how the charity can state one thing and then do another on cable.

by Velvet Snow 1 year ago

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