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ROBORG - CyberCrime [Full Album]

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Tracklist .
0:00 NeoNate.
4:02 Strange Days
9:57 Fallen Darkness.
15:12 Intruder (feat. TimeStalker).
19:34 No More Mercy.
25:32 Midnight Murder (feat. NeoSlave).
30:39 RAID.
34:44 Lost Fragment.
39:36 Surrogates (feat. UNITRA).
44:27 CyberCrime
49:48 Highway Ruins.
54:41 Pages of Life (feat. ToxicFoxy).
1:00:07 ESC4P3.
1:04:20 Unpredictable Future
1:08:51 Almost Human
1:19:58 Marshes
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The '80s Guy photo 1 ROBORG - CyberCrime [Full Album] The '80s Guy photo 2 ROBORG - CyberCrime [Full Album] The '80s Guy photo 3 ROBORG - CyberCrime [Full Album] The '80s Guy photo 4 ROBORG - CyberCrime [Full Album]

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Tracklist :
Strange Days
Fallen Darkness
Intruder (feat. TimeStalker)
No More Mercy
Midnight Murder (feat. NeoSlave)
Lost Fragment
Surrogates (feat. UNITRA)
Highway Ruins
Pages of Life (feat. ToxicFoxy)
Unpredictable Future
Almost Human

by The '80s Guy 2 years ago

eletronic games, banned comicbooks, dearest friends, talented artists and The 80's guy youtube channel are some of the best things in this life.

by IndarkLove 2 years ago

I am so happy to be subscribed.

by dsagent 2 years ago

WOWOWOW this whole album is sick. Favorites are NeoNate and RAID. Keep it coming and thank you!

by eevileric 2 months ago

Robot + cyborg

by Δ 2 years ago

Love it!
No More Mercy is currently reminding me of Deus Ex.

by Vincent Hall 9 months ago

I've been sleeping on this album! This is some A1 steaksauce!

by Michael Samuel 10 months ago

I keep listening to this album over and over again. I even started to play some Shadowrun again after this music gave me so many dark Cyberpunk Vibes. Never stop doing this!

by M. Faust 1 year ago

Czech Synthwave! Yes! Best! Paráda Roborg jen tak dál;))

by Bluetooth Blu 2 years ago

That art is really cool man, can I have the link? I want to find out the artist

by N O D I G N I T Y 1 year ago

Intruder (feat. TimeStalker) is godlike

by rosen 1 year ago

Quality material here!

by AxelBitz 2 years ago

My fourth time listening to this album as I work through the night on my synthwave videos. Anyway, good morning everyone else! I'll be streaming live around 7 am.

by The Retro Synthwave Opera 1 year ago

Oh, yikes, ToxicFoxy can't sing. Other than that, they sound good, though the songs are all a bit similar in construction.

by Xezlec 1 year ago

Great album but ToxicFoxy killed Pages of Life :o

by Ilbarth 8 months ago

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