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What if you could trade a paperclip for a house? | Kyle MacDonald | TEDxVienna

#Austria #Community #Entertainment #English #Nonprofits & Activism
Kyle MacDonald details just exactly how he traded up from one red paperclip to a house, in only a year! It's an unlikely and amazing journey with lots of surprises along the way.
More information on http://www.tedxvienna.at
Kyle MacDonald started with a red paperclip and traded it for a pen. Then traded the pen for a doorknob. And so on!
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

#Investment #TEDxTalks #Internet #Business

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Imagine if this guy had two paper clips.

by what 7 months ago

Imagine doing that whole thing in reverse.

by Josh Wabnitz 5 months ago

The homeless: "Write that down, write that down!"

by Fair Criticism 2 weeks ago

I'm depressed cause I have a Blue paperclip not a Red one.

by Sahil Chouhan 2 months ago

the guys with the fish pen are the real winners because they got the legendary red paperclip

by UselessCompanion 9 months ago

The people who traded you the fish pen were like: I’m about to start this mans whole career

by EXTREME Crafts 4 weeks ago

This sounds like a whole lot of astounding luck.

by Carolyn Bivins 3 weeks ago

Next time: I trade a eraser for ownership of Morocco

by Theo Harrison 2 months ago

Why would you trade an interesting looking pen for 7cm of red metal wire

by Adomas B 3 months ago

Then he traded the house for a shit ton of paperclips

by serpathius 3 years ago

how to be king of the world:

1. Find paperclip
2. Trade up till you get a house
3. Trade house for a ton of paperclips
4. Keep repeating till you eventually own every building in the world


by rahul kurup 4 weeks ago

Then he traded the house for “magic beans” from a salesman

by Angel_3733 2 months ago

imagine: if this guy didnt trade the paperclip then a dude couldnt repair an espresso machine and Kyle couldnt get the camping stove and he couldnt helped the guy that needed it and the guy that needed the power machine thingy etc. so if he didnt trade ONE paperclip somebody would maybe never see that he was good at speaking in a voice in a movie.

by Tim Rotman 4 months ago

"And what kind of payment are you using?"
"uhhh paper clip"

by ZamamiFX 6 months ago

Just another attempt by TED to trick me into trading away my paperclips.
Nice try, but no dice.

by Aaron A420 8 months ago

someone got fired over that editing

by CPCubes 7 months ago

Bro, the girls who traded the fish pen could do the exact same thing

by Juan c Gonzalez 3 weeks ago

Who looks on crags list and says, “hey, I sure need that singular red paper clip”

by Minecraft Steve 5 months ago

You: working 9-5 every day and struggling to find an affordable living situation

Me, an intellectual: trading paperclips for obscure items on Craigslist until I get a house.

by DurgleHypes11 7 months ago

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