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Tesla Model S P100D gets Fully Customized Exterior & Interior - Project Malibu

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Project Malibu is a Tesla Model S with a classy Bentley Linen and a tasteful Model S Sport Package. Combining the custom interior with the exterior, the Model S now looks and feels like a car that can achieve 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds.
Base Car
โ— 2018 Tesla Model S P100D
โ— 3M Crystalline tint 70% / 40% (front windshield, side windows, panoramic roof, rear window).
โ— Chrome Delete using 3M Satin Black.
โ— Tesla 'T' emblems painted in Satin Black.
โ— Gloss Carbon Fiber Sport Package Kit. (Includes Front Apron, Rear Diffuser, and Trunk Wing)
Wheels & Suspension
โ— TS118 21โ€ forged wheels 21x9.0โ€ front 21x9.5โ€ rear finished in Matte Black. Approximately 20% lighter than Tesla factory 21โ€ turbine staggered wheel set.
โ— Uses Pirelli P Zero 245/35-21 265/35-21 factory tire size, original lug nuts, original TPMS and accepts factory center caps.
โ— Lug Nut Cover Set in Black.
โ— Air Suspension Lowering Hardware Kit
โ— Bespoke interior - 5 hides of Bentley Linen leather. Contrast black stitching.
โ— Reupholstered dashboard in Ferrari Black and Black Alcantara
โ— Signature Square Quilted door inserts and seats.
โ— Reupholstered doors in Bentley Linen leather.
โ— Dyed speaker grilles to match Bentley Linen leather.
โ— Gloss carbon fiber steering wheel with Bentley Linen leather sides and contrast black stitching.
โ— Airbag cover dyed to match Bentley Linen leather.
โ— Gloss Carbon Fiber Seatbacks.
โ— Gloss Carbon Fiber Dash Trim.
โ— Gloss Carbon Fiber Center Console.
โ— Gloss Carbon Fiber Seat Sides.
โ— Custom 52oz. 3/4" pile Floor Mats with horizontal T Sportline logo.
โ— Custom Audio Upgrade.
More Photos: https://tsportline.com/blogs/project-...
Call us at (310) 880-3256 or email us at infotsportline.com to chat about your Tesla upgrades.

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Very impressive build, but I have to mention one thing. Those speakers are NOT the best the industry has to offer. Nor are the amplifiers. They are good, certainly, but not the best.

by Bob808 1 year ago

Beautifully done and done right! I'm 'WOWED!'

by alrestauro 1 year ago

Great looking car, though I really donโ€™t get the carbon fibre hype. Mustโ€™ve missed that memo.

by Megapod 1 year ago

My god. That Tesla is just perfect in every way. Great job man!

by Popa Sergiu 1 year ago

Excellent quality and finish. Quality costs... so ballpark... how much did all of these upgrades cost?

by John Wilson 1 year ago

Way to uglify a damn good car with a hideous T potty line logo on the back and wheels. Bently leather with poor installation.
These cars does not need all those bells and whistles they just need more sound proofing.

by Optimistically Negative 1 year ago

The car is beautiful. Show more of the car not so much of yourself. We would prefer to see the car.

by Francis Law 1 year ago

What sound system is the "best" the industry has to offer?

by Nathalia Hiatt 1 year ago

budget Ryan Friedlinghaus. "square" quilt is for grandma's blankets. There's a reason it's diamond pattern in cars.

by BadVegan 1 year ago

This is so perfect and nicely done wow just wow!!! Hope i can get one someday..

by Gary PT 1 year ago

Great looking car- wish the interior was white or red though to match the outside๐Ÿ˜ฉ

by Sara Hameed 1 year ago


by slkhubbs 1 year ago

Attention to detail is evident and appreciative! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

by Ethan Tremblay 1 year ago

those amazing wheels, just changes the whole look of the car

by Its Neiyuuki 1 year ago

WOW looks amazing. Great Job

by Yacahuma X 1 year ago

What business near Atlanta that does similar work that you recommend? Thanks

by PropheticEclipses 1 year ago

Exterior is awesome! interior doesnโ€™t look perfect ๐Ÿ˜• I would see the little imperfections everyday ๐Ÿง

by Berny 1 year ago

i would call this car โ€œThe Batโ€. pays homage to the dark knightโ€™s smooth ride.

by gamerdude612 1 year ago

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