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Dominos using fake cheese as per BBC report

Truth about dominos pizza in India. Zero cheese and replaced by oil based mayonnaise. Report by BBC.

STV - Spread The Virus photo 1 Dominos using fake cheese as... STV - Spread The Virus photo 2 Dominos using fake cheese as... STV - Spread The Virus photo 3 Dominos using fake cheese as... STV - Spread The Virus photo 4 Dominos using fake cheese as...

This is not a fake video it is a real documentary by France 5 chaรฑnel called global junk food
Dominos is paying Forbes money to publish articles that are misleading
This is a real documentary

by Sudeep K S 1 year ago

Where is that chutiya Ram vilas paswan now. He should address matter like these that matter

by Easyontheeyes 1 year ago

Since when dominos in India started putting cheese on pizza.

by Green Soul!! 1 year ago

The brand ceo is so much annoying once a reporter wants to ask explanation.?

by Pardeep Kumar 1 year ago

to the best of my knowledge This documentary 'Global Junk Food' was produced and published in 2017 in France and not by the BBC. It is true that Dominos uses fake cheese, and so does every other fast food joint (pick any name) including the dosa, omelette and sandwich joints on and off the street. The best thing is to avoid take away or junk food and cook a meal at home as cheese is not the only fake item in the market. Even better though would be to stop voting for the politicians who are so corrupt that they do not enact or enforce laws that are in public interest just because they can make hundreds of thousands crores for not doing so. There is a reason why Dominos does not use fake cheese in France.

by Raghu Nandwani 1 year ago

this video should go viral and people should be aware about this

by Peshal Sharma 1 year ago

Shame on Domino's... extra cheese is no cheeese at all. Shame on you Domino's.

by amruth jagtap 1 year ago

We Indians have sold our rights and votes to the politicians!! We will never improve

by vikram reddy 1 year ago

No labour laws, no laws to curb these money making corporates.. no wonder everybdy wants to move out .. all we care about is Hindu Muslims

by Devender Singh 1 year ago

Of course we buy, whatever West consumes are the top products and we will consume even though we are cheated...West is the best is engraved in our culture...

by Shanks Akagami 1 year ago

That was not even garlic bread that was the paneer zinger I believe

by Apurva Paranjape 1 year ago

I am going out on a limb here and guessing that if you are going to Domino's (or any other global fast food chain) expecting a healthy meal. Then maybe your thought process is a little wrong.

by Nokah 1 year ago

Desi chhoze deseve to eat shit...desi real paneer chhod diyaa ab farzi cheese khaayenge hijade

by Rohit Kumar 4 weeks ago

As per BBC this video is not from BBC

Further the question he asked is not about fake cheese to the head of dominos.. it was about nutrition. We all know junk food is low on nutrition... why this video propogated as a fake cheese....
By the way most of the cheese used in fast foods is not real... Especially from on street vendors

by Gurinder Singh 6 months ago

I already knew this cheese was off it was more weird and tasted like warm spoiled milk and most pizzas came with a buttery crust that tasted like so aged yogurt gummies. Also the pizza made me ๐Ÿคฎ

by Dibs Mahanta 1 year ago

Not only CHEESE. .....but everything is fake in Indias pizza . Only the money that we give is not fake ....everything else is totally fake .....

by Jaf but 1 year ago

There is no such thing has INDIA..or INDIaNs ..Except these wealthy Business man have brainwashed the Public..
If you want non corrupted, Real GOVT you need NATION STATE
Aka France for French,Tamil Nat for Tamils,Gujarat for Gujaratis,Karnataka for Kannada,Punjab for Punjabi s...
Off course Gutless Pussy INDIaNs will tell UNITY in EATING SHIT together

by Hawk Who Knows All 1 year ago

The cheese burst pizza shown by him is true. The consistency is of mayo and Thats not real cheese burst pizza. They just fill in mayo and serve as cheese burst.

by Namrata k 3 months ago

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