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The Way Back / Emma - Midnight Screenings Review

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Movie Reviews: Brad tells Jerrid all about the Ben Affleck basketball coach drama The Way Back, plus the latest adaptation of Emma, starring Anya Taylor Joy.
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I'm guessing this is better than "when the game stands tall" but maybe Brad had some nostalgia for the film since he watched it following the "identical."

by Not'The ChosenJuan 1 month ago

Though we always make fun of him, and his brother is the far superior actor, Affleck does churn out a good performance or direct a solid movie now and then; I'll check this one out.

by Blaise Telfer 1 month ago

Nice Colonel Blimp-style impression from Brad in discussing "Emma".

by Donald Rilea 1 month ago

Lmao! I got a trailer on "The Way Back" before this video started

by Aaron Perez 1 month ago

Wasn't there an Emma movie with zombies?

by Will Day 1 month ago

Wait, so this is the prequel to The Way Way Back?

by David James 1 month ago

Kristoff A. Howard will review these on March 18th!

by Chris Howerton 1 month ago

Every time I saw the trailer for this movie I would think itโ€™s a remake of Hoosiers.

by Craig Sewell 1 month ago

Clueless is still the best adaptation of Emma

by Justin 1 month ago

I'm curious,are you gonna watch the Impractical Jokers Movie?

by Jeff Doyen 1 month ago

The way back was a good movie

by Phil .0 1 month ago

Emma! Your name poses a dilemma...

by Geo Leo 1 month ago

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