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Lucky People Having The BEST DAY EVER

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Before Corona: Hotel Trivago 😃

During Corona: Hotel closed. 😷
Tysm for the likes! ♡

by Precious_YT :3 1 week ago

Sssniperwolf for big bananas*

“Mega nana”


“THICC nana”

“Dang boi she THICC”

Lol she had such a way with words😂

by Aura Gaming 1 week ago


My brain: ... but “nana” is also another word to say “grandma”. So the other translation is “MegaGrandma” and “ThiccGrandma”

Reaction: 🙂😮😦🤯

by ZaraTheCoco 5 days ago

Who’s at home because of cOrOnA like if ur stuck at home

by itz luna Boi 1 week ago

Lia(SSSniperWolf)-“That neighbor who always tries to one up you”

Me-“It’s not my neighbor who does it it’s my brother and I one up him. Lol 😂

by Crazy-llama !!! 1 week ago

SSSniperwolf then: Hotel Trivago

SSSniperwolf now: Hotel CLOSED

Me: dies of laughter

by Tee Bee 1 week ago

SSSniperwolf: thick Nana

Meh: ._. Heehehehheheheehehhehehehehehehehhehehhehehhehehehhehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehhe

by Amy Hernandez 1 week ago

this big banana:
sssniperwolf: A thicknana

by Rhiannon Tool 6 days ago

Sssniperwolf: Oh you found a four leaf clover? You think that's lucky? Real cute. Oh low and behold peasants I got a Five leaf clover!

Me: Just casually looking for four leaf clovers at me bus stop. Picks one only to find out It's a SEVEN leaf clover! No joke.. And that's why it's called the Lucky bus stop!
Sssniperwolf If you are reading this.. Love your channel :3 Hope you see this comment :3

by {Mocha-Bean} 1 week ago


SSSniperwolf: hOw DiD yOu GeT iT sO lOnG?

by Anish Gowda 1 week ago

- The three leaves of the clover represent faith, hope, and love. Within a fourth leaf dwells good luck. Within a fifth leaf resides a demon.

by 50k Subs No Videos? 1 week ago

Why are they having the best day when some of them almost died

by Aliooss43 43 1 week ago

SSSniperwolf: don't park by trees.

My grandma trying to find shade: 😅

by Countyskink 25 1 week ago

Sssniperwolf: he didn’t he even take a full bite he took a nibble sound

Me:what was that

by Nino_ TheSecond 1 week ago

Ceramic: Crushed
Grandma: Sad
Hotel: Closed
- SSSniperWolf 2020

Rip Trivago... Hello quarantine

by NightKnight 1 week ago

sssniperwolf: thick Nana
Me: almost dying of laughing because she said thick Nana

by Carmen Quiles 1 week ago

Sssniperwolf: branch-icide
Me: wheezes and dies of laughter

by Emilia Kasparyan 1 week ago

sssniperwolf : " that's one thick banana "
me: THAT'S WHAT SHE SEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by angeles g 1 week ago

U found a four leaf clover??
Me: Yes
Well move peasants I found a five leaf clover!!
Me: Same -_-
It wasn't chillin' in the middle like that tho..

by Ewa Rzesa 1 week ago

Have you ever seen a comment and are just like “man I wish I wrote that?”

by Nicole ollerton 1 week ago

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