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Head of Radio, Ten Letter PR

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Nina Case is head of radio promotions at Ten Letter Radio, sister company to Ten Letter PR. 

Having started her career as a radio presenter on Vibe and Shoreditch Radio, Nina was often sent music by various pluggers and promotion companies. It was while she was a presenter that Cat Park launched Ten Letter PR and began working on the radio promotions branch. Having made contact with Nina, Cat started to send her music and soon a strong relationship built between the two. Seeing the drive, attitude and determination that Nina had, Cat approached her with a job opportunity to join the Ten Letter team and become a radio plugger. Over the following two years, Nina developed her skills, relationships and understanding of both the urban music scene and radio promotions and as Ten Letter grew, so did Nina¹s position. 

As of 2016, Nina became the head of radio promotions and as of 2017, Ten Letter Radio became a standalone company, something which Nina contributed to via her skill and hard work. Within her role she is able to help plan campaigns and identify key targets for the music she promotes, spearheading campaigns through her contacts and knowledge across radio. Her experience and passion for urban music allows her to reach areas that are often overlooked, helping to give both campaigns and artists a strong and sustainable foundation.

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