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Melanie’s first solo venture was featuring on the hit single When You’re Gone with Bryan Adams (1998). Incredibly successful across Europe, it entered the UK charts at Number 3 and gave Melanie aspirations for more solo projects. As a solo artist, Melanie has released seven solo albums as an independent. She has achieved over 3 million album sales, two Number 1 singles and six Top 10 singles.

By Spring of 2016, ‘Version Of Me’, Melanie’s 7th solo album was complete. It was released in October 2016. Melanie didn’t set out to make the riskiest album of her career. She didn’t plan to surprise her fans with a set of songs so radically different from her previous records that even her vocals have undergone a reinvention. She certainly didn’t seek out producers primarily known for working with grime and R&B stars, although she’s thrilled to have them on board. When she started writing her sixth, solo album of original material, there was only one rule – that there were no rules.

In April 2017, with her brand-new band in tow, Melanie took Version of Me on the road, touring the UK/Ireland. The tour continued in Europe, with Melanie and the band playing to crowds in cities throughout Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. 

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