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[FREE] YFN Lucci x Lil Durk Type Beat 2018 - "Came This Far" (Prod. By @SpeakerBangerz)

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[FREE] YFN Lucci x Lil Durk Type Beat 2018 - "Came This Far" (Prod. By SpeakerBangerz)

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My Birthday today can I get 16 likes pls🤩🤩👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

by xd R3playzz 2 years ago

Big dreams

He was Just a lil nikka
But he had big dream,

His mom said u gotta get it
Das by any means,

Daddy left his life
Right b4 he hit his teens

Cause his addiction to the drugs turned his dad into a fean
I mean,

I know Da life growing up tryna GET it right,

Living in a dark world
I just need a little light,

Asken God for a blessing but he always outta sight,

Gotta lotta shot to prove everybody judge ma life,

Momma told me stay in scoo
Granma told me go to church,

I done tryd alotta shit
Alotta shit ain't never work,

Every day I gotta smile
Just to put away da hurt

Lotta love lost
Cold heart burried in the dirt,

by KidSmilezMusic 2 years ago

Im sober, no looking over, my shoulder, came too far like a infantry soldier, give yourself a pat on your bak no looking bak I came too far, wishing on a shooting star, Imma go hard, in the fast lane, like NASCAR, I do this for my folks behind bars, never coming home, I do this for my folks who no longer here, I endured all this pain, I have no more tears

by Official Young Explicit 1 year ago

i was just a little boy the first
time i seen my mamma cry,
tears fell
heart froze
when i seen pain in mamma eyes,
god called 4 an angel
thats the day her daughter died,
i was 7 n it hurt me
hoping she come back alive,
fam told me keep my head hi
its gone be ok,
we kno u really want her back
but she up in a better place,
so i prayed for better days
when i grew up i felt da same,
i started everyday
just to kill a lil pain,
sad to say im 28 n still cant seem to feel a change, bars LIKE SUBSCRIBE

by KidSmilezMusic 2 years ago

I'd write all day n night to ur work I promise u....

There's nothing that I don't get inspired by...

Only problem I ain't got money to buy ur beats..

Nor a computer to loop it for personal use

And YouTube don't have a repeat button...


We done came this far there's no turning back now....

Besides I don't even see how...

How going back would be possible....for u can only go forward so they say

Shit me I go my own dam way...where ever the spirit leads me....

So yeah best friend we done came to far to go this that or whatever way...

Let's go just u me n our music nride...and sees wat we see

U know how we use to do back in the day...

Came to far.....to...never set the bar!!!

Let's go ....we've got work to do...

Im ready how bout u...

We've come to far on our journey to save our children

Now or never it's gotta be in it to win it!!!

I'm all in I don't know bout u...but I'ma always go hard for my lil ladies...

Cause their life's in it they dependeth...

I can't let them become no forigner like a Mercedes..

They are native to this land...

It seems in that no one ova stands......

NEWAYS fam...there will Neva be a going back...we've come to far...


by DA4GOTTEN1 1 year ago

My bro made a song to your beat check it out on youtube rn! Song : Get it Right
Artist : 404Jaybo

by Cameron Douglass 2 months ago

I came this far so I can’t turn back
All I got in my life right now is rap
An I can’t complain cuz I’m surviving this game
Even thou to get here I had to go thru so much pain
Put my family and friends thru a lot
Lost everything I had an I started running from the cops
Got popped and locked up it didn’t teach me shit it just let me top up
Then I got out an I tried to go ghost
But the liquor an drugs had me wildn bout
Prostitution and robbery tried to follow me
Misery that wat it be
Never wana go back there
I just wana be here
Clean an livin the dream
Wit my family that mean so much to me
I came this far and I’m happy where I’m at
My family’s here wit me and we got each other’s backs

by d smit 2 years ago

I got left behind I remember bro instagram rt after speaker knockerz died and speaker bangerz made his and I made mine off the same influence and now he ahead of me in the game I’m trynna get caught back up so I’d appreciate it if y’all came and fw my beats 💯🙇🏾‍♂️

by Robert Fouce 2 years ago

Notification gang this hard asf 🔥🔥

by Yrn_stax 2 years ago

Beats stay fire btw yesterday stream was lit🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

by 444 Amaru 2 years ago

U still my come to guy for beats

by 40band Phat 2 years ago

A real life banger🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

by Frank Money 1 year ago

love it bruh it gave me chills

by Tidus 2 years ago

Your career is gonna blow this year even bigger Keep up the consistency 💯

by Dustin Preston 2 years ago

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