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President Duterte orders lockdown of Philippine capital Manila to fight coronavirus outbreak

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered a month-long lockdown of the whole of Metro Manila, a measure applying to some 12.8 million people in the capital. He appeared on television on March 12, 2020, to announce imminent restrictions for Manila and its surrounding districts. The deadly coronavirus that causes Covid-19 had infected at least 52 people and taken 5 lives in the country as of March 12.
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South China Morning Post photo 1 President Duterte orders lockdown of... South China Morning Post photo 2 President Duterte orders lockdown of... South China Morning Post photo 3 President Duterte orders lockdown of... South China Morning Post photo 4 President Duterte orders lockdown of...

I just hope this virus does not spread to quickly in the Phillippines.

by SirLGM 3 weeks ago

Help our president. It seems like he is protecting the wrong people who doesn't appreciate his effort as a leader

by Lance Gatiwan 2 weeks ago

Please appreciate him,
It's not easy to run a country with too many narrow minded people. 😕

by Jessa Castillano 2 weeks ago

it's not easy to run a country with too many narrow minded people..

by Nicole Escabarte 2 weeks ago

After the president announced a lock down and implementing social distances the people flocked towards the bus terminals.

by elyx caraballoll 3 weeks ago

Duterte also said, students on lockdown while at home - STUDY and make your time useful. He said your fingers will be busy on phones and nobody might listen to what he’s saying but if you want to prepare for better future, use your time to study!

by worldagency 3 weeks ago

In every after rain, theres a rainbow. Everything will be alright soon. Godbless us all.

by azalia belle 2 weeks ago

Salute to the military or police, SG.
and Salute to Doctors and Nurses all medical field, Real Hero

by Jeanilyn Murcia 2 weeks ago

Laughing so hard when some people called the lockdown as Duterte's excuse of a martial law. Ambobo-bobo. 🤬

by Xyza Cacs 2 weeks ago

President Duterte test negative for Covid-19. Long live Mr.President🇵🇭

by Marcus Genobiagon 2 weeks ago

The term ‘lockdown’ generally means a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure, which was implemented in Wuhan, China and Italy, where a sudden spike in the number Covid-19 cases and deaths was recorded.

Meanwhile, ‘community quarantine’ refers to restricting movements in an area that might have been exposed to infection without necessarily saying that the residents there are sick.

by liveLIFE 2 weeks ago

Instead of bashing, we should just support the government. President’s doing his best to secure his countrymen.

by Worthy Music Tracks 2 weeks ago

Corona Virus:
Prisoners : We'll be safe here for now

by Corviz 2 weeks ago

At least this country is smart enough to stock up on alcohol which kills the virus.

... Instead of panic buying toilet paper..

by Mayomaya 3 weeks ago

The lockdown is for our safety, but many filipinos still say it's mArtIaL lAw, layk siz-

Yung utak ata ang naapektuhan ng virus🤧

by Pinky Necktie 2 weeks ago

And even now, there's so many Filipinos thought this is an excuse for declaring Martial Law 🙂 I'm fine, I just lost my brain cells

by Miwa Mitsayuri 2 weeks ago

Yea people who has corona out there, don't spread it

by DJDEmooN B0Ss 2 weeks ago

Puede i restart muli ang 2020 ang pangit kasi ng simulan e new year lang ang happy

by Mischelle Alcayra 2 weeks ago

Italy has a lot of Cases and I don't see them protesting. Meanwhile here in PH we got like 400+ Cases and everyone blaming the president.

Edit: Make that 3,000+ Cases

by Mr. Cringe 1 week ago

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