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SARS State of Emergency

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It's NOT a ridiculous mask my friend....it could save your life.

by River Stitcher 9 hours ago

Do not worry about anyone else now being fired. 'They' are now terrified that doctors and nurses will leave.

by moviemoll.com 9 hours ago

Your kids school is sending papers home saying they are gonna test them? So they can carry your kid away with out your knowledge!?! Wtf!?! No way! Keep your kids home!!!!

by Patriots RiseUp 10 hours ago

I guess I shouldnโ€™t be surprised that American bureaucrats, hospital administrators, county officials, would lie at the same level as the communist Chinese government. They are lying. This is WHO knows, maybe 10X worse than our so-called leaders want to disclose. Even worse, this is only the beginning of the avalanche.

by lukewarm17 9 hours ago

If his wife is riding in the car after she get off work. Then yes he can get it also he is doing the right thing universal precautions people don't you listen just because she's in a hazmat suit you still got to walk out of that hazmat suit and then goes home in her own clothes so that uniform is contaminated also including her shoes this guy is going through hell right now God bless your heart and thank you for saving other people's lives including your own and being protected

by Annette Kirby 9 hours ago

In my area, everyone -- ordinary people and doctors -- thought that the corona virus was no worse than the flu. Then President Trump announced that air travel from Europe would be ended. Then panic exploded.

by Kevin Byrne 9 hours ago

I told everyone I knew to get ready. They laughed when I bought everything to protect my child/myself. Going thru chemo means=0 chances. NOW, AZ high schools are closed. I almost felt relief seeing the email. Yet I'm sad that everyone is asking me what to do now and I can't help.

by AZ Sun Devil 10 hours ago

Wearing a mask is not stupid when you have a reason. I assume they already know who you are bc you said they told you to take a video down. So I'm confused. Good luck either way. You were one of the first to share

by Roc WillLive 10 hours ago

I assure you, these hospitals cannot afford to fire anyone right now. They'd be foolhardy to because this is an all hands on deck situation.

by Seth Pomeroy 10 hours ago

I have people asking for my farm eggs and I won't give them out I'm number one I come first I guess they can't find eggs at the store I've been stocked up and plan for over 4 months and I'm proud I did it I've helped people for the past 20 years and give people stuff just out of the goodness of my heart unfortunately I can't help nobody no more and it breaks my heart somebody even asked if I had another box of toilet paper and I had to tell him no people want shit for free and nothing in return but cost me money they don't care and then u tell them no your the worst person in the world tfb

by Annette Kirby 9 hours ago

Youโ€™re allowed to talk. They are the ones that may have shared job related info with YOU.

Also, you were recently complaining your wife had no protections. Now she does so thereโ€™s no reason to complain that she now is wearing it.

You need to protect your health. Sounds like living apart is a good idea. Good luck

by Rebecca O 10 hours ago

i wore a disposable mask and disposable gloves when i went to a very crowded grocery store earlier this afternoon. water is sold out, toilet paper is sold out, ramen noodles is sold out, hand sanitizer has been sold out, hand soaps are sold out,...i am waiting on respirator masks and protective eye wear to arrive any time in the mail! i did research when China initially got hit with bioweapon turbo-charged coronavirus and found steramine tablets ARE effective in sanitizing and disinfecting against coronavirus. (LOOK on the back of a lysol can and one will learn it too is effective against coronavirus). i ordered tablets from walmart. i pre-made the solution in a gallon pitcher and distributed into several spray bottles to include a smaller spray bottle i keep in my car, a smaller spray bottle at my back door, and a larger spray bottle inside home. i started preparing at least a month ago...one thing is for certain...there is something they are not telling us...keeping the factual information much to covert! the protective wear and protecting oneself could mean the difference between life and death! MY location: Tallahassee Florida

by Amy Rayboun 9 hours ago

The day I heard that many University of Buffalo students were returning from Wuhan after their holidays in China, I knew that you were telling the truth.

by moviemoll.com 9 hours ago

Im glad you are informing people of the actual truth. Thank you. And your wife is a hero. Thank you from our family to yours.

by Remy Foster 10 hours ago

Studies have been done that shows masks protects the wearer from 80% of the viruses. Those who are believing the lies by mainstream media & the CDC that masks don't work will be at higher risk of catching this deadly virus. The plan is to allow this virus to spread all over Canada & the U.S. so that more uneducated people will freak out as more die so that those who funded the creation of this virus ( the U.N. , the W.H.O., the CDC & the Drug and Vaccine companies ) can roll out their toxic and dangerous cancer causing vaccines with ease, profiting off the uneducated sheeple. Through vaccines, each patient will not only get the virus but also many autoimmune diseases, Cancers and dangerous food allergies. It a huge sales promo since many more parents now know that vaccines have killed thousands of kids and damaged millions.

by Krystal Smith 9 hours ago

I think what's being displayed is the US has as much control over silencing it's population from telling the truth as any communist country

by katzenjammer'23 8 hours ago

To get the truth we must have citizen journalists. Eyes and ears on the ground. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

by Delilah Rose 8 hours ago

Yes you did warn that your county was turning up cases.

by Norco Grandma 10 hours ago

i work with developmentally disabled adults in upstate ny. we received a state issued memo yesterday saying whomever staff is at work when/if the house is quarantined, those staff will have to stay at work the entire time of the quarantine. we will be getting paid 24 hours around the clock for the time spent there, but, basically it would be a guarantee we'd all get the virus. can't imagine sleeping at work for several weeks and not being able to go home. i have a dog and am terrified about the possible outcomes for her if i get stuck.

by altruistic angel 9 hours ago

I wanted to thank you for being so honest in your reporting. I have to say that I have been extremely concerned for your family. I hope that everyone is good and that you are all safe. Stay safe and don't take unnecessary measures that will put you at risk.

by Suzanne Johnson 10 hours ago

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