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Dixie Chicks Burn It All Down With New Song ‘Gaslighter’ | RS News 3/5/20

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After a long hiatus the Dixie Chicks are finally back. The country-pop trio have released “Gaslighter,” the lead single from their upcoming album of the same name, and their first since 2006.
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Rolling Stone photo 1 Dixie Chicks Burn It All... Rolling Stone photo 2 Dixie Chicks Burn It All... Rolling Stone photo 3 Dixie Chicks Burn It All... Rolling Stone photo 4 Dixie Chicks Burn It All...

I've always been a big fan of this intelligent trio outspoken women .

by dans h 3 weeks ago

I imagine it is more about our government and mainstream media.

by Karen Skinner 3 weeks ago

It’s hilarious to see an EPOCHTIMES ad before this video, lol. Crazy bastards.

by Ronald Rump 3 weeks ago

Why there is only one woman singing in the group??

by jemin kim 3 weeks ago

Who writes their own songs these days?

by nasdf jasdf 3 weeks ago

Terrible fiddle pop of course promoted by a far left rag like Rolling Stone. The same idiots who have thug rappers and Madonna in the rock and roll HOF but don't even nominate Uncle Ted Nugent. Phony far left rag.

by Crazy Cooter 2 weeks ago

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