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ENDLESS MINIONS!! Lackey, Mech, & Dragon Control Warrior! | Galakrond's Awakening | Hearthstone

#dragons expansion #Top Warrior #DoD #DoD Deck #Gaming
Boom Squad is a card that fused together the worlds of Lackeys, Mechs, and Dragons, making it a great base for a new style of Control Warrior that uses all three minion types to create nearly infinite resources..
Decklist: https://outof.cards/hearthstone/decks...
#GalakrondsAwakening #DragonsDecks #RegisKillbin
Deck Teaser | Hearthstone | ENDLESS MINIONS!! Lackey, Mech, & Dragon Control Warrior!

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RegisKillbin photo 1 ENDLESS MINIONS!! Lackey, Mech, &... RegisKillbin photo 2 ENDLESS MINIONS!! Lackey, Mech, &... RegisKillbin photo 3 ENDLESS MINIONS!! Lackey, Mech, &... RegisKillbin photo 4 ENDLESS MINIONS!! Lackey, Mech, &...

Dude this deck is like a deck thatโ€™s a deck that closely resembles a deck close to a deck which could have been the deck that was beyond a deck I once decked.

by Brian K 20 hours ago

โ€œI think we just lostโ€ few minutes later opponent : โ€œI concede to youโ€

by Kayto kid 18 hours ago

I came for the intro, the gameplay outro was cool too

by Germa420 20 hours ago

Hearthstone community: so whats the Win condition of this deck?
Regis: yes

by Tatu Juntunen 20 hours ago

This intros are on FIRE lately โค๏ธโค๏ธ

by Dani Pfisterer 20 hours ago

OMG it was actually you!!! I'm LeMao dam I thought it was just another guy with a fake name passing for you and excuse the missplays.

by Mao Salgado 16 hours ago

hey regis great video,i was having trouble sleeping and that control warrior gameplay just fixed me right up.

by panagas722 20 hours ago

Misplay at should be playing Sidequest focused token Paladin :)

by Discerned 15 hours ago

Literally has mecha dragon with a lackey driving it in intro. Well played

by Sir Goat 9 hours ago

Get ahold of grand Pooh bear, his editor just left him. Maybe you can scoop him up

by gudebro2000 2 hours ago

Hey dude! I like this deck! I agree with what you said in regards to zalae trying to math out BGs, it's an art for sure. And just as a constructed meta can be "solved," people like yourself and Kibler create pretty creative decks and beat very in meta decks with them.
Would you consider trying this as a highlander version? Cut some dupes for Zeph, Alex, Vargoth, Cable Rat, Shield Block, etc. ? Maybe Highlanders overdone but keep the same theme and adding in other options as well as synergies is something I now wanna try!! Cheers

by Kevin Corkum 15 hours ago

Obligatory Intro was nice comment.

Edit: I played against the deck once so far or something like it and lost with Embiggen Druid with a slow draw.

Seems like War Master might be unnecessary anyway thereโ€™s so much value in double Omega Assembly, Dragon Roar, DrBoom, Spellkin, Grand Lackey as well as Livewire lance. Brawls have to be held a lot so hand space is tight

by josh b 9 hours ago

You'd better give a try for this deck in highlander type

by Dat Nguyen Tien 2 hours ago

More intros with explosions like that please

by iLikeTerrain 20 hours ago

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