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Jordan B. Peterson | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

#2008 #and the Secret to Belonging #Democrat #FUTUREFACE #Film & Animation
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Professor and author Jordan Peterson joins Bill to discuss political correctness and free speech.
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Everyone's a gangsta 'till Jordan Peterson calmly explains why you're not.

by Patrick 3 months ago

If whomever is president affects how you raise your children then you shouldn’t have children.

by Plymco Pilgrim 3 months ago

Jordan Peterson could convince Rachel that they were on a break.

by Prithu Shukla 3 months ago

Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners -George Carlin

by Zack Jackson 3 months ago

"Donald Trump is our president. How can we raise normal children?" By being a parent. Your kids don't spend 90% of their time with Donald Trump. They spend it in the family. Grow up.

by DblOSmith 5 months ago

Nothing like an audience laughing at concepts they don't understand.

by K-oz Dragon 4 months ago

The guy holding the laugh card needs to rethink his career

by Kat T 4 months ago

That ignant woman at the end literally just added toxicity to what was actually a really good conversation

by Adam Northwood 4 months ago

Love how bills audience is laughing and clapping when they are the very people being talked about

by P Good 3 months ago

This man started shooting knowledge the moment he sat down, i like this guy.

by Saksham Sharma 2 months ago

"Donald trump is our president, How are we suppose to raise children?"
Same way people did when Nixon was in office.

by metalrave 3 months ago

Bill Maher is definitely smarter than me, but I'm not sure he's as smart as he thinks he is.

by 埼玉Saitama 4 weeks ago

9 minutes of common sense and then half a minute of pure ignorant nonsense.... That's balance!

by OUROPA 4 months ago

All I see is Jordan Peterson and a studio full of people who haven't cleaned their room.

by Boyce Logan Deaton 1 year ago

Random person: "Your kid behaves so badly" Me: "Well I mean if Trump wasn't President".

by travis Graham 3 months ago

there was no point during this interview where one should have laughed.

by Dennis Gordon 3 months ago

"the world is crazy", she says...... then, a blast with a total non sequiter.. "Donald Trump is our President"... WTF does that have to do with your neurosis? or your poor, unsuspecting child? Oh, wait, she is a "CBS Contributor"...

by Jason Starr 2 months ago

Bill Maher: Breathes
Audience: standing ovation

by Roger Regor 3 months ago

she blamed her poor parenting on trump... nice...

by Steve McQueen 1 year ago

That's funny. My parents never doubted their parenting ability when Bill Clinton was storing cigars in his interns.

by I'm CIA 2 months ago

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