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Chase & Status Feat Plan B - Pieces - Ram Records (Music Video)

RAM Records photo 1 Chase & Status Feat Plan... RAM Records photo 2 Chase & Status Feat Plan... RAM Records photo 3 Chase & Status Feat Plan... RAM Records photo 4 Chase & Status Feat Plan...

in the original video she puts his cat in the oven instead of the lyrics, any one remember ?

by JIMI JONES 6 years ago

Never seen so much suffering in a music video damn...

by Szilard Ungvari 4 years ago

you can't controll other people. but controll your reactions to them

by CerealKiller 6 years ago

Chase & Status feat Plan B - Piecesย 

by RAM Records 6 years ago

Still one of my fav songs till today

by Shiba Inus 5 years ago

4:07, not was a cat in the oven? :S I remmember a cat long time ago, not a notebook...

by Hugo reyes olloqui 8 years ago

Theme track for 2019, right here, right now! Cheers mates!

by phoenixSoundbyte 1 year ago

this has got to be one of the best tunes and video combination ive ever seen. 11 out of 10 n plan b and chase n status wtf there obviously is a god

by lee yerex 5 years ago

This video broke my heart =D reminded of my ex , but cool anyways that was the purpose i guess hehe FEELINGS!

by LOWRIDE H.a 6 years ago

I remember when I use to feel something.

by D Runes 6 years ago

still loving this in 2017 :)

by Blade Edge 2 years ago

The awkward moment when you realise, that you want a broken heart so that you can listen more often to this song..

by vanHijl 7 years ago

Grew up listening to this and I've been inspired ever since to try and be as original. Absolutely awesome music that needs to be continuously heard !!!!

by TheyMadeMonsters 5 years ago

At first I was like "Ok, cool song.." then I was like "omfg awesome!!!" :D

by Sunna Rut 7 years ago

"The only time it is acceptable to hit a woman"

by Id 7 years ago

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