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Johnny Marr describes how he wrote How Soon is Now | In Conversation with John Kennedy | Radio X

Radio X photo 1 Johnny Marr describes how he... Radio X photo 2 Johnny Marr describes how he... Radio X photo 3 Johnny Marr describes how he... Radio X photo 4 Johnny Marr describes how he...

I'd love to hear the demo

by will dann 1 year ago

Marr is soooo cute🥰🥰🥰

by volartree 4 months ago

Why is there a guy recording a video at ?

by Will Power 1 year ago

Your mates are Andy, Mike and Morrissey.

by Seasmoke 1 year ago

Back in 92/93 Johnny gave Noel vintage guitars (among 'em a LES PAUL GIBSON SUNBURST 1960, see how much money it is below) + he let Noel use his flat in the center of london for free + he shared with Noel his own management and led him to a label/major (by the way Noel met Mcgee way before the King Tut's gig) etc ... FOR FREE ??  just because his lame demos were so extraordinary ? ah ah ah ... yes of course ... Johnny f***ed Noel back then. That's the reason why. Come on this guy giving an original "GIBSON LES PAUL 1960" (which first belonged to joe walsh from the eagles) for free ??? ah ah ah... I'm not a kid... Everybody in Ignition management is gay by the way. Noel was no "fooking holligan". He was a young "prostitute", selling his ass.Here's the price of one of the guitars johnny gave to noel : sunburst les paul gibson 1960 :just because "d'you wanna be a spaceman" sounded good, ah ha ha yes of course THE OFFICIAL STORY ABOUT THE BEGINNINGS OF OASIS IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT

by eric nollow 1 year ago

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