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The Voice - Best Rock/Metal Blind Auditions Worldwide (No.5)

Quintus photo 1 The Voice - Best Rock/Metal... Quintus photo 2 The Voice - Best Rock/Metal... Quintus photo 3 The Voice - Best Rock/Metal... Quintus photo 4 The Voice - Best Rock/Metal...

Vong Dararatana (វង្ស ដារ៉ារតនា) - "Kon Bros Khos Hery" (Cambodia)
Angelo Walter - "Love Hurts" (Germany)
*full version:
Claudia Andas - "Simply The Best" (Romania)
Tom Jones - "Great Balls Of Fire" (United Kingdom) [Bonus Track]
Aslaidon Zaimaj - "Show Me How To Live" (Albania)
Witthawat Sankonkit (ไนท์ วิทวัส) - "Highway To Hell" (Thailand)
Witthawat Sankonkit (ไนท์ วิทวัส) feat. Kong - "Back in Black" (Thailand) [Bonus Track]
Kelly Kockelkoren - "Do I Ever" (Netherlands)
Maarten - "Little Monster" (Vlaanderen)
Patrick "Paddy" Strobel - "Rock 'N' Roll" (Germany)
Sophia Urista - "Come Together" (USA)
Mitchell Heidt - "Riders On The Storm" (Turkey) [Bonus Track]
Ania Karwan - "Purple Rain" (Poland)
Luis Ivan Díaz - "Arsenico" (Mexico)
Fred Lebel - "Highway To Hell" (Canada)
Viorel Grecu - "Radioactive" (Romania)
Tomasz Trzeszczyński - "Jesus He Knows" (Poland)
Mahalia Barnes - "Proud Mary" (Australia)
Stelios Psarogiannis (Στέλιος Ψαρογιάννης) - "When A Blind Man Cries" (Greece)
Erik Lindeman - "Electric" (Netherlands)
Michael Eriksen - "Where The Streets Have No Name" (Norway)
*official Youtube channel CIRCUS MAXIMUS:
Adam Pearce - "Hot Blooded" (USA)
Marc Amacher - "For What It's Worth" (Germany)
Marc Amacher - "Smokestack Lightnin'" (Germany) [Bonus Track]
Marc Amacher - "Mr. Banker" (Germany) [Bonus Track]

by Quintus 2 years ago

That marc amacher... Holy shishkebawls... I've never seen someone who was asked sing 2 more times during audition?!

by Evictus 8 months ago

what!?? any judges turn for the second guy? stupid judges, the performance of Angelo was perfect!!

by Alfredo Aguirre 1 year ago

Marc Amacher … I couldn't stop smiling... reminds me of Bon Scott in many ways

by Tim Liscum 7 months ago

Whoever put "metal" in the title of this needs to be put down.

by heeeYooo !! 2 months ago

Shades of Janis Joplin in that cover of Come Together! Two thumbs up!!

by Kenneth Harlson 6 months ago

'' show me how to live '' interpreted by a papa roach version xD

by Aurel 3 months ago

I like the judge who played guitar.. So cute 😆

by maRia anNa 7 months ago

Simply the Best lady sounded like Melissa Etheridge

by Casey Powell 10 months ago

The version of the "litlle monster" is better than the original

by MadGCat 1 year ago

Just a crying shame no coach turned for Angelo Walter. Sad day for the Voice.

by 67evileleanor 1 year ago

The second guy was great, wtf noone turned

by Black Reaper 1 year ago

All those judges should be slapped the second guy was EPIC!!! and no one turned or acknowledged such a brilliant performance

by Hardrocker11969 1 year ago

Tom Jones is a freaking legend.

by DootDoot 2 years ago

I love the way the judges really seem to enjoy it, rather than the line of goons that cowell has in his shows. Proud Mary was amazing.

by Po 66 10 months ago

I think most of the judges don't know much of Rock or metal.

by Fantasy's Land 1 year ago

Just me or at he sounds better than the original?
Maybe its just the deeper tone i like, even the instruments.

by Robin Lundstrom 5 months ago

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