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PREMIERE: ARTBAT - Prometheus (Original Mix) [Diynamic]

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Release Date: 09-02-2018
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Tracklist, 01. ARTBAT - Planeta (Original Mix)
02. ARTBAT - Prometheus (Original Mix)
03. ARTBAT & Dino Lenny - Sand In Your Shoes (Original Mix)
Release Info, In February 2018, ARTBAT are bringing their first full EP release to Diynamic Music. The three-tracker “Planeta” starts off with the title track “Planeta”, a rapid-fire techno odyssey that might as well be taken from a relentless pursuit in a futuristic action movie.
This is followed by the gloomy bassline of “Prometheus”. Heavy on percussive elements, the track is divided in half by a cascading synth-break only to return with more layers of percussions, strings and the hypnotic bassline.
Closing off the EP is “Sand In Your Shoes” featuring London based artist Dino Lenny, who has previously worked with Madonna or Wu-Tang Clan and produced remixes for Underworld, Missy Elliot or Timbaland. The collab track is a dreamy Deep-House tune and a perfectly emotive way to finish the record.
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Progressive Astronaut photo 1 PREMIERE: ARTBAT - Prometheus (Original... Progressive Astronaut photo 2 PREMIERE: ARTBAT - Prometheus (Original... Progressive Astronaut photo 3 PREMIERE: ARTBAT - Prometheus (Original... Progressive Astronaut photo 4 PREMIERE: ARTBAT - Prometheus (Original...

I heard this sound before (DJ Pierre & Supernova - The Beat (Nice7 Remix)

by FeedTheDog 1 year ago

Mate I've been waiting for this for months. Hosh and Solomon playing B2B in that villa in ibiiizaaa ahhhhhhhh

by James Matthews 2 years ago

Heard this last night!!! I love it!! My man Tony T played this at Reynolds here in Chicago. This is this that “ HEAT”

by Darrin Carter 1 year ago

@ min, it almost sounds like an ode to The GRID, a London based House group. back in 90's.

by NeonJ RacerD 11 months ago

i've been waiting for this one some time now.. not surprised at all that you posted it first :) pure class!

by Wiktor Zdzienicki 2 years ago

Haha, the Prometheus Trap (one of the "for me" recommended Sci-Fis on You Tube; -they know "my music" but failed to find out other videos, movies, and documentaries)
But: I'm trapped by DIYNAMICS (so, PLS, don't worry, Magdalena ...
THANK YOU, Progressive Astronaut!!! Always best music....!!!

by Harry Ecke 11 months ago

Such a cool tune and I never say tune

by Lisa Lisa 1 year ago

Heard this on Koh Phangan, Eden party 1 month ago. The crowd lost it. It was played right as the sun came up behind the palm trees. Epic party.

by Konstantin .L. 1 year ago

I love this tracks!!❤

by Mark 6 months ago

This is probably the best techno song I ever heard. I've listened to it countless times and it just keeps giving!

by Frederik 1 year ago

What a track! I don't think Artbat ever disappoints :)

by stanleynyc 6 months ago

First of this track...felt like something massive was about to happen...and it did.

by model citizen 1 year ago

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