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Knockdown and Rebuild with Porter Davis

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If you love where you live but your home has seen better days, knocking down your existing house and rebuilding new may be the perfect option for you. This way, you can enjoy living in a brand new home without sacrificing the benefits of your location.
With a Porter Davis knockdown and rebuild, you can keep your kids at their current schools and stay close to the local shops, amenities and services you’re used to and there’s no need to put your family through a massive routine and lifestyle change like you do when you move house..
Furthermore, starting fresh and building an entirely new house may actually be less expensive than renovating your old house and offer significant lifestyle improvements overall.
This short clip shows the entire knockdown and rebuild process with Porter Davis from demolition to a finished home for the family to move in.
Visit our http://www.porterdavis.com.au/find-an... for more information on knocking down and rebuilding new or call 1800 PORTER (767 837).

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The neighbor does alot of laundry

by mrjon1985 3 years ago

Not a fan of wooden houses but result is very nice

by Tokyo Warfare 3 years ago

30 years later

Knockdown and Rebuild with Porter Davis's son Part 2

by Wayne T 2 years ago

Does anyone else think this house looks completely out-of-place in a working-class neighborhood? I'm sure the new property owners saved money by buying in an older neighborhood and building a new home in the style they like. But it is not enhancing the rest of the block, that's for sure. And those older homes will probably last longer with basic upkeep - newer homes just aren't built for 100 years or more.

by K. S. K. 2 years ago

so now their house is made of wood?

by WarDrone 3 years ago

The neighbors clothes rack spinning at 5k rpm

by S2MACHINES 2 years ago

Im quite sure neighbour on the right side is not full of happiness now..

by Alvaro 2 years ago

It's nice to see an old House being demolished and just the ONE new House being built on the block. These days they squeeze as many Townhouses / Units as they can on the Block. Increased traffic in street - just hideous : /

by Brandon Quatro 3 years ago

Wooden house

So next time when you'll need to demolish this house you won't need a bulldozer, you can use hands

by Slave Holder 2 years ago

Why is it that every time I come on one of these videos, I always see everyone bashing each other Over wooden houses? I mean it’s a house, don’t get butt hurt about it.

by Aidan S 1 year ago

Did you notice laundry obsession in neighbor's yard?

by Kredo800 2 years ago

Теперь я знаю, почему в голливудских фильмах злодеи прошибают башкой сразу три стены подряд...

by Gitika1956 1 year ago

Somewhat elegant and clean design, would've just liked to see more foliage work on the front of the house to give it more character than simply a sleek, modern look. Thanks for the upload.

by Christoffel 2 years ago

My eyes can’t off on the neighbor’s laundry 🧺 🤣

by Vivianne Bank 6 months ago

Is this a meme to say that he house is made of wood and therefore weak? I'm a carpenter that lives in Norway, and i can guarantee you that wood houses are incredibility sturdy and all of our old buildings are far over 200 years old made of wood and stands more sturdy than a the old brick houses. it just depends on the Technic you use when you build it wood is a living material that can withstand weather and adapt as a brick house has easier for being torn down by the environments.

by zoznoob 2 years ago

Your guys were pretty rough on that sliding glass door from -. Thats at least $2500 where I'm from.

by Kyle James 14 hours ago

this is the reason y most american houses break if a bit of wind blows. its because they don't use bricks😂😂😂

by Koby 2 years ago


by PIRATA 1 year ago

talk about flaunting your money to all the poor people in the neighborhood

by Sergeant 3 years ago

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