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The Road to PS5

#PS5 #solid state drive #next gen #deep dive #Gaming
PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5โ€™s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.

#ray-tracing #architecture #next gen console #The Road to PS5 #SSD #ray tracing #Mark Cerny #ray tracing support

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Speaking for 52 minutes straight without making a single mistake, pause or โ€œummโ€ whilst saying that many complex words is a pretty impressive feat.

by uncontrollable343 2 weeks ago

This guy gave an entire presentation without taking a sip of water.

by MidNiteR32 2 weeks ago

So nobody realizes how nice Sony is to leave the comments on

by Malik Jara 1 week ago

Thatโ€™s the guy who did all the work in a group project

by Saitama Gmm 2 weeks ago

This person seems to be exceptionally competent in what he is doing, Sony should be glad heยดs working for them

by nudle90 2 weeks ago

How is he so perfect? I heard one "um" and I think he said it just to clarify that he's human.

by T G 2 weeks ago

he almost made 1 mistake in his speech

by thierry. 1 week ago

He is an alien!

A human would have needed a glass of water.

by tommy Bull 1 week ago

Came for PS5 presentation, left with a master's degree in graphic engineering

by Tykumo 2 weeks ago

He is a legend. Flawless talk.

People were expecting a product reveal of the PS5, but nowhere had Sony revealed that they will do a product launch. Instead this video was meant for nerds like us who are looking forward to the specification and the tech itself.

Feels bad for the butthut folks who are calling this video a mistake and disliking this video.

by Tanbir Sohail 2 weeks ago

Him: Writes essay perfectly and never has an edited comment.

by Vye 1 day ago

I can understand people getting bored out of their minds from this, but I honestly found it pretty interesting. The thing that seems cool about consoles isn't the hardware itself, but how they specifically use it.

by Rasdaan 1 week ago

He's an Android sent by CyberLife.

Model: PS5000

by GuitarN3ck 2 weeks ago

I feel like I just got my masters degree at Playstation University

by backfandango 2 weeks ago

Why so many dislikes? Not exactly the gameplay we wanted but this is an incredibly in depth hardware breakdown.

by carnivorustapeworms 2 weeks ago

I really liked Mark Cerny's presentation. I work in game design and was able to follow along quite well. I would like more deep dive videos like this.

by firenutz698 2 weeks ago

I wish I spoke like this guy in my speaking test

by xd alikh idzam 1 week ago

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