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Can You Spot the FAKE Gamer?

#SATIRE #Gaming
Fake gamers are everywhere, could you sniff a real one out of a fake one?
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You know they're gamers when they kick out the best performing player.

by 4 minute crafts 3 weeks ago

Girl: *carries the whole team and wins them money*
Guys: hmmmm let's vote her out
Guys this is a joke okay

by Anime Kitten 5 days ago

"No its Veronica"
"That is Ashley"
Love how they were both wrong and it was Emily

by Katlyn Dobransky 3 days ago

Pewds: "Damn the girl is a beast, deserves that money."

The guys: kick her out

Pewds: "You weren't supposed to do that."

by Jackson Orrick 1 day ago

Pewds: they probably just voted her out cause she’s a girl and they think girls can’t game and that’s not nice.
Pewds: women can’t game

by Urmomgay 2 days ago

Getting carried by a girl and then killing her, you know those guys are true gamers

by Yukki ? 3 weeks ago

“The guy that looks like a schoo- the guy on the left”

by John Doe 4 days ago

Pewds: Has Wife and is "Gamer"
Also pewds: is suspicious of gamer with GIRLFRIEND

by Obi-Wan Kenobi 3 days ago

“This guy has a girlfriend and is a gamer.hmmmmm”. Me: “I guess your not a gamer either pewds you have a wife”

by Lol Matey 5 days ago

Girl: Finds fake gamer while the rest are t-posing
The rest: let's kick her out.

by Thaddeus Phelps 2 days ago

The fact that those guys just stood around t-posing while that girl single-handedly won them the game, and then voted her off, and continued to t-pose, was probably the most gamer move I've ever seen

by Grady Dreyer 3 weeks ago

"I would never say women can't game"
"whenever i hear a woman say i'm a gamer i start laughing"

by Madelyn Klein 5 days ago

so many wrong things here...
Girl: "Season 9 Rank ? Master, master at best..."
...later they get greedy for money even though it was obvious that the guy failed hard at lying about until dawn and they kick her out next even though she carried them.... bruh

by MadnataS 5 days ago

"its definetly the guy that looks like a school shoo..... the guy on the left"

by Seeks 4 days ago

PewDiePie: "this man is a gamer and has a girlfriend, suspicious"
Also Pewds: Has a wife and had a girlfriend whom he married
19 year olds: wait, that's illegal

by Miner's great big small world 1 day ago

waman finding out the fake
Everyone: let's vote her out.

by [ ] Tabeeb 3 weeks ago

*girl carries whole team*

*everybody boots her*


by p9ris 1 day ago

The 3 last guys be like: "Shes too dangerous to be left alive." and it was so funny xDD

by Happy Guy 4 days ago

Pewdiepie: this guys is a gamer and has a girlfriend
Marzia: * insert confused Edgar face *

by Univ.s Fell 5 days ago

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