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Leonardo Drew: Printing at Pace Paper

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Leonardo Drew has been working in Pace Paper's Brooklyn workshop for the last year, creating the works to be exhibited in his upcoming show at Pace Prints. In this video, he discusses his new body of work and the cast paper techniques used to create it.
Leonardo Drew opens Friday September 14, 2012, at Pace Prints, 521 West 26th Street. For more information, please visit http://www.paceprints.com

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PacePrints photo 1 Leonardo Drew: Printing at Pace... PacePrints photo 2 Leonardo Drew: Printing at Pace... PacePrints photo 3 Leonardo Drew: Printing at Pace... PacePrints photo 4 Leonardo Drew: Printing at Pace...

Absolutely appreciate the feeling of love for the tree parts as the art. Beautiful work!

by GerriAnn Lockman 2 years ago

Beautiful art,I love to see it

by edgar perez 7 months ago

So much complete and utter madness happening before reaching the final medium .
I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve ever seen anything like it - pretty mind blowing techniques

by D Deeze 4 weeks ago

Fanstastic work! what a great opportunity as an artist to work with such a magnificent print workshop. Leonardo's connection to trees and place and ability to express that through this medium... excellent!

by karenVsandon 7 years ago

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