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Matt Colvin's Hand Sanitizer - Over-Consumption During Natural Disasters & Fix to Amazon Supply Gap

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UPDATE: Matt Colvin with 17,700 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer Just Donated Them to a local hospital. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/15/te...
"A key political and economic issue, and one that has been debated after every natural disaster for at least the last half century, is this: Should we allow market prices to rise temporarily following disasters and allow entrepreneurial โ€œprice gougersโ€ to temporarily play a role of providing critical supplies during the โ€œgap periodโ€ at elevated prices, or should we suppress market prices with government price controls?"
An economic analysis of market prices v. price controls post-natural disasters reveals superiority of market prices: https://www.aei.org/carpe-diem/an-eco...
Amazon Cracks Down on Price Gouging, Sellers Hoarding Thousands of Hand Sanitizer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9bqX...
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This guys just trying to justify his types existence. Just f off noone wants your type if business

by Master_ E 3 weeks ago

Yeah, this is still a bad take. This isn't the craziest, hot Christmas toy. It's supplies needed to keep people healthy. Lives are in question.

by Andrew Boudreau 2 weeks ago

Why didn't they lock him up for a year?

by wegder 3 weeks ago

Oh please, give Matt Colvin and his brother Noah a break. Give them a free vacation on the cruise ship MS Zaandam.

by Donovan 1 week ago

Just get over it dude. You Amazon resellers are just wanting to make a buck. Fine but don't except consumers to praise what you are doing.

by J S 3 weeks ago

No. They created a problem when one didn't exist. There's no reason they should be hoarding and profiting off of people's suffering. It has not panned out in any positive way. Prior to the pandemic everyone was able to get needed supplies, now they're not. That's how it has went. No need for a hypothetical. We know what happened.

by MobileDecay 1 week ago

Thank you for explaining an alternative veiwpoint. There is way more to this issue than meets the eye. Economics is considerably more complicated than many people are aware of. The "knee jerk" reaction is that he is a jerk, but he may very well have done some good, had he not been shut down. Thank you thank thank you!

by Mit Droflaht 2 weeks ago

Ironically Karma disagrees with you.

by bivaman 2 weeks ago

I would pay a little more on Amazon for the convenience but not 2000% more. If he thought this through and kept it reasonable, he could have made a killing.

by Kochanski Lori 3 weeks ago

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