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Backstreet Boys Surprise Fans w/ 'I Want It That Way' & 'As Long As You Love Me' Sing-A-Longs | TRL

MTV photo 1 Backstreet Boys Surprise Fans w/... MTV photo 2 Backstreet Boys Surprise Fans w/... MTV photo 3 Backstreet Boys Surprise Fans w/... MTV photo 4 Backstreet Boys Surprise Fans w/...

😨This Drowning Challenge Makes The Dolans ‘Nervous’

by MTV 3 months ago

I didn't know Zlatan was one of the backstreet boys.

by GodBlessYou2008 3 months ago

The best boy band of all times 👏

by Agimus78 7 months ago

Zlatan Ibrahimovic surprises fan in elevator with some friends !

by tookyRama 3 months ago

this woman isn't even recording, why is she holding her phone like that? lol

by M I C O 2 months ago

1999, they were kids
2019, they all have kids
2039, they will probably have grandkids

by Mandy Van Horn 7 months ago

These guys have been around forever!! Great singers! Anyone else agree???

by Robert Marston 7 months ago

Caraca, esse povo é muito parado, se fosse eu aí iria estar chorando igual louca, abraçando e cantando ❤❤❤❤❤🇧🇷😭🙏🏻

by Kananda Rocha Cintra 6 months ago

imagine them doing this and nobody recognize them...

ahm you guys going up or what?

by Pablito Kalamares 3 months ago

The 90’s fans are so decent

by spw 1 year ago

porque isso não acontece comigo? 😢😢😢😢

by Leticia Santos 6 months ago

Twenty years of life is like this today. They were the best.

by Dudo Dudo 3 months ago

That's just only in an elevator. Imagine how subway train would have gotten

by galihxtreme 3 months ago

Fiquei imaginando isso, aqui no Brasil...
Cadê os brasileiros

by Luciano Borlino 3 months ago

Maximum capacity in that elevator was apparently never reached...

by erica 7 months ago

Congratulation to Backstreet boy and all of that's persons enyoiyed that time on the elevator...

by Raul Valdez 7 months ago

Gente, eu agarrava logo. O pessoal é muito tímido.

by Neiah Lima 6 months ago

I love how she flew into the elevator.

by jeremynxn 1 week ago

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