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Klobuchar On Her Emotional Decision To Suspend Campaign And Endorse Biden | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Sen. Amy Klobuchar tells Lawrence about how she made the decision to end her campaign and support Joe Biden ahead of Super Tuesday to help him win her home state of Minnesota. She says she couldn't think "of a better way to end my campaign than joining his." Aired on 3/4/2020.
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Klobuchar On Her Emotional Decision To Suspend Campaign And Endorse Biden | The Last Word | MSNBC

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MSNBC photo 1 Klobuchar On Her Emotional Decision... MSNBC photo 2 Klobuchar On Her Emotional Decision... MSNBC photo 3 Klobuchar On Her Emotional Decision... MSNBC photo 4 Klobuchar On Her Emotional Decision...

"I'm from Minnesota and I will cut you...in line at Target!"

by Dean F. 1 day ago

Bet she's not even going to use her influence to get that youngster out of jail. That guy better get Trump to pardon him. I'm not a Trump supporter but black Americans need to look at what both sides are offering and choose what's best for them

by mary jane 1 day ago

I would like to see how your hair would fare in a blizzard

by Erik Preston 1 day ago

I don't know about you, but I really think Tulsi has a shot to win it all. 🤔😄

by Ro G 1 day ago

Well I can imagine after being promised a spot in Biden’s presidency if he wins probably made the decision a lot easier.

by Jerry T 1 day ago

I was leaning your way, Amy. I'm not really concerned about who wins though, as long as it's not Trump. ☺️

by Grace O3 1 day ago

Another corporate sell-out. If she Really wanted change for America, and things to improve, she’d have backed Bernie - instead, she plumps for another total corporate shill and lackey, Biden. The befuddled embodiment of No Change. Honest to God, why you Americans don’t have 6 or 7 main political parties - like the rest of us - to end this total stagnation of your politics, I’ll never know. Never. It’s almost as though you people think having just two parties for 360+ million people is somehow normal, or acceptable.

by Ver Coda 1 day ago

How the heck is she popular in her own state

by Martin Lee 1 day ago

Klobuchar exhibited cowardice. I voted for her with a mail-in ballot in CA weeks before. I've been let down and expected more from her. When the going gets tough, she doesn't want it on her record that she lost an election. It's pure cowardice.

by Sheri Mignano 1 day ago

They had to gang up on Bernie cause none of them was able to win against him on their own.

by Elaine Johnson 1 day ago

Amy K: Biden offered me.... err I knew I was doing the right thing.

by David Tyrrell 17 hours ago

Bye, bye Amy. It"s like Susan B suffered for senile male rule, over sanity. I'm sticking with the strong elder Whoa-man with the sharp mind and wit, the she who persisted. ☆Warren2020☆ Lv

by Lisa Velasquez 1 day ago

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