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Bananarama - I heard a rumour (Live 2017 HD - Remastered Audio)

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Live at Newcastle City Hall, Nov.15th 2017
***Para mis amigos Sergio (el mopy) y Noé (el Arequipeño), ambos fanáticos de esta banda***

MP photo 1 Bananarama - I heard a... MP photo 2 Bananarama - I heard a... MP photo 3 Bananarama - I heard a... MP photo 4 Bananarama - I heard a...

You can keep your Spice Girls, Girls Aloud and all the rest. Bananarama are the original and the best :)

by matoko123 9 months ago

They look hotter now than they did all those years ago.

by Eddie Toro 1 year ago

They are much prettier now than they were then in their days & aged well

by Angel Face 1 year ago

80's talent that could actually sing in tune without the need of any computerization, bliss to the ears

by Stony P 11 months ago

Well they aged well! Still though, miss the 80’s

by Bacchus LAX 1 month ago

They sound great,,,still have that distinctive sound...it will never be duplicated!!! Saw them in LA and SF...AWESOME!!! WANTED MORE MORE MORE!!! They were also super sweet at the meet and greet...fingers crossed for new music...ladies write some songs, get a producer,,,get that woman from Hole,,,produced for Pink...and crack us out a new 14 track CD!!! We know you have it in yourselves!!! BTW...your voices are sounding better than ever...very clever to do some solo parts live!!! Siobhan...THANKS FOR COMING BACK,,,NOW STAY!!!

by teutguy1 1 year ago

The one of the right is in her 60's hard to believe.

by Ocean Master 1 year ago

Glad to see they took care of themselves, thank God.

by swacfan100 11 months ago

Siobhan Fahey looks a teen \O/ She's so pretty woman I love this band!

by Felipe Oliveira 1 year ago


by rockcaQはちまき 1 year ago

The Charlie's Angels casting director blew it.......here are the 3 you should have hired.

by john Gavin 4 months ago

I feel like I was going back to 80s when I heard this tonight

by Joseph Eballa 1 year ago

I love 'em all but I've got to say that, right from their beginnings through to this reunion, Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward looked like game but slightly awkward mums at a karaoke. On the other hand, Siobhan Fahey's instinctive star charisma has always been effortless.

by blackmore4 1 month ago

They look and sound better than ever!!!! Brings me back to the 80s!!!!!!

by bruce ezzell 1 year ago

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