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Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video, 0:05 - THE IRON MASK (2020) Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger
1:42 - THE FRENCH DISPATCH (2020) Wes Anderson Movie ** REMOVED**
4:06 - HOOKING UP (2020) Jordana Brewster
6:45 - BABA YAGA (2020) Horror
7:45 - RUN THIS TOWN (2020) Nina Dobrev
9:58 - TRANSFERENCE (2020) Thriller
11:41 - GANGS OF LONDON (2020).
14:19 - DON’T SPEAK (2020) Monster Horror
16:01 - 10 THINGS WE SHOULD DO BEFORE WE BREAK UP (2020) Christina Ricci
18:11 - THE GREEN KNIGHT (2020) Fantasy **REMOVED**
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MovieGasm.com photo 1 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2020) MovieGasm.com photo 2 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2020) MovieGasm.com photo 3 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2020) MovieGasm.com photo 4 NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2020)

Maybe I'll get covid_19 before any of these come out, and just die.

by Bo2152 1 day ago

I remember the day when a new Arnie movie was announced and it was all the talk, now I just 😔 and shake my head🙈😂😂😂

by Jack Little 1 month ago

I skipped through almost all of these trailers, and I still want 17 minutes of my life back. Yes, 17

by Cam4Jess 1 month ago

Sooo 2020... not a year for great cinema then?!

by Trent Steele 1 month ago

Here's some bad news for those interested in seeing "The Iron Mask." Spoilers ahead.
Arnold and Jackie are in cameo roles. They are in only the Tower scene. Secondly, the movie is shit and boring, especially the 2nd half. The movie is a mishmash of 3-4 movies. Thirdly, this movie has already released in Russia and China in 2019 to negative reviews.

by Subhodeep Mukherjee 1 month ago

Whose the blue dude advertised? The only reason I watched was to see what movie he was in. I hate when they do that. Should be considered false advertising

by Atime ForgedNchains 1 month ago

I hear Salladhor Saan from Game of Thrones.

Also, pretty sure I saw Michelle Fairley in the same trailer.

by philippe blais 1 week ago

Well I will go back on a lot I've ever said about hating chick Flicks! Purely because I've never thought Christina ricci was good for anything more than Wednesday Adams! However!! Seeing her JUST in this preview has just made me think... Finally she looks, acts and exudes talent! I think I'd like to watch this just to see HER! it would be great to see her explode back on the screen as I am sure she has been underrated and has huge potential 👍

by Bob Hope 1 month ago

Hooking Up is an abomination. How do these things get green lit, let alone made?

by JG Ballard 1 month ago

Your descriptions with the times don't always mesh up well this is one example, any way you can correct this going forward? You have transferrence at but its over by

by Robert Ivan 1 month ago

Jackie chan is a sleazebag, sorry Arnie can't watch this!🤷‍♂️

by Bubble F 4 days ago

Christ almighty. What a LOT of third rate movies to come. (And from the looks of it, a few 4th and 5th rate too)

by Pappy 1 month ago

YES-----what am I looking at----where did real movies go ????? we all need a new TWIST----a walk on the perverse side with greater shock value. Reality is shocking enough for me these days.Even the comedy now has to have an ominous feel---sign of the times we live in.

by JAMES Schott 1 month ago

Sorry but well, nothing impressive. So sad 😔 I guess I'll have to re-watch great movies from the past 🤯

by Antony GUY 3 weeks ago

Maybe your not a very good journalist...
NO!!!! that’s not it!!!
Me: maybe pick a different career, you seem stressed

by The FanGirl 3 weeks ago

Going to go and see "The Iron Mask". Been waiting to see Arnie and Jackie in same movie.

by Tymko C 1 month ago

On VOD March 10th
On Blu-ray March 24th
On Bootleg CD March 30th
On VHS April 4th
On Betamax April 12th
On 4" Floppy disk forcefully delivered through your door April 20th
On a bit of paper stapled to your face April 27th
In Cinemas never

by Flatlegs 1 month ago

I already saw that same "dragon" in "47 Ronin". C'mon - ha? Let's invent something REALLY new??

by 2serveand2protect 1 month ago

Last trailer with that dude is a great value knock off version of Jim Helpert from the Office.

by Leondro Sosa 1 month ago

Well there goes 18 minute and 28 seconds I can't get back. But it's good to see the studio/director and low end actors who brought us the classic Birdemic can still put out multiple films with the original formula and a budget of less than $10,000 per film!

by Farrdawg Joker 1 month ago

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