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Santana & McLaughlin - The Life Divine (Live at Montreux 2011)

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On 1st July 2011 Montreux hosted the reunion of two master guitarists Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin with their Invitation To Illumination concert. Both musicians have been regulars at Montreux across the years but this was the first time they headlined their own concert together. The show features most of the tracks from their classic 1973 album "Love Devotion Surrender" mixed in with a wealth of other material. The evening was a showcase of supreme musical virtuosity and spirituality and typified the approach of these two great artists. It is certainly a performance not to be missed.
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Great stuff. Nice that it takes two drummers to replace Billy Cobham.

by Richard261 3 years ago

Don't Find Carlo'sย  great here ,he's trying to hard to play fast .John's speed is beyond Carlo's ability .

by nemtall 6 years ago

I was a freshman at Ohio Univ when this album came out. ย Love Devotion And Surrender! I was so lucky to see Santana and Mahavishnu Orchestra and Weather Report at the same concert!!!!!!!!!!!

by jazzynet1 5 years ago

Maybe the most powerfull fusiontrack I know. Full of spirituality, the driving background contrasts the smooth voices. The sound of my youth, I love it!

by SwamiOrchestra 6 years ago

Fantastique! merci beaucoup pour ce ShoW

by Eric Thibault 6 years ago

the respect they have for one another is felt in their music...

by John 5 years ago

Great live version but the album version has Carlos playing better imo and Billy Cobham on drums playing at a zillion mph! JM is JM so is as brilliant as ever whatever version you listen to!

by smoothplz 5 years ago

Fantastic to watch it live! This piece was written by John and the studio version has one of the most amazing guitar solos ever played - John on the Rex Bogue Double Rainbow. Amazing to watch John playing it again, and playing great! He is the BEST!

by drkam6 6 years ago

They still sound the same as when they played the original together in 1972 on the Love, Devotion, Surrender album. :P

by zbudda 6 years ago

See a lot of the technical guitar wankers getting on Carlos in the comments. Youโ€™d be better suited watching Al Di Meola jam with John, Carlos isnโ€™t a technical fusion player nor does he want to be. Carlos writes great song songs and lovely melodies.

by Mitch H 2 years ago

They have been showing the whole concert late at night at " ghiaccio bollente" tv program in Italy on RAI5. And here I am, 3 amย  watching it over and over every time they make it available. Excellent!

by Mitsouko Guerlain 5 years ago

Having looked at all the foregoing sickeningly pretentious comments, I shall simply say....2 of my all time faves.

by Pete Perry 1 year ago

Santana was good, great, huge at his old times. Now - and I mean for 30 years now - he's a boiled re-boiled guitarist.... never improved and always same 2 patterns repeated over and over.

by whale 75 2 years ago

Love both these artists, but playing alongside McLaughlin, makes Santana play slightly differently, and remembering the epic, Love Devotion Surrender album, his contribution was probably the most amazing guitar playing by anyone ever, john, no less, but he's just different.

by david j Kay 6 years ago

"Love Devotion Surrender" - came out in around 1973. It's a stunning record. Both players have incredible intensity in their own ways!!!

by Canaan Perry 6 years ago

Echoes of John Coltrane's a Love Supreme...beautifully played pieceย 

by Jon Effemey 5 years ago

This IS the music of Trancendence... I can still remember the feelings when I first heard this album... They recaptured the VIBE here 30+ years later... Peace !

by DJANGO MANGO 6 years ago

Hey Carlos can do it while chewing gum ? But its not within a 100 miles of the original recording !

by Trevor Otto 5 years ago

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