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The Gunny Tribute Special: Remembering R. Lee Ermey

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In this tribute episode, the Military Makeover team and R. Lee Ermey's family members and friends celebrate the life of The Gunny, reminiscing about the laughter and love he spread throughout his career.
The entire family at Military Makeover continues to mourn the death of its beloved drill instructor, R. Lee Ermey at age 74. Though the former Marine is renowned for his Hollywood portrayals of hardened authority figures, his most recent role was a five-year stint covering 13 seasons as co-host of Military Makeover. On the show, The Gunny acted as a confidant for military veterans receiving home makeovers to thank them for their service, as well as a task master keeping the production crew in line..
The Gunny leaves us with his thoughts on giving back to veterans..
"I can’t call this a job,” Ermey said recently about his Military Makeover duties. “It’s a habit that I have. But it’s a fun habit that helps my veterans, and anything that helps my veterans, I’m game for.”
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He's not dead, he's just drilling the angels in heaven.

by Heyyoutroll 1 year ago

Don't forget" Marines are not allowed to die without permission. "

by Steven Amato 3 months ago

This is one of the famous people I will actually miss deeply.

by CarbonGlassMan 4 months ago

as a former marine meeting the gunny was the highlight of my military journey, RIP Gunny GET SOME

by moparsquid 8 months ago


by Aaron Seet 1 year ago

R. Lee Ermey was a good man. R.I.P Gunny we miss you.

by Trucker John 8 months ago

The world lost a great man. Heaven gained a great soldier. This is one of the big problems today. Where not making them like gunny anymore. Rip gunny. big salute.. Dave .uk

by David Roman 1 year ago

The Gunny is on St. Peters crew guarding the Gates of Heaven. RIP Gunny!

by Neil Ouellette 8 months ago

This is my rifle ,
This is my gun ,
This is for fighting


by Ziggy Ashton 1 year ago

A few years back, I learned that a good friend of mine (and a veteran) was diagnosed with bone cancer. I contacted a representative of Mr. Ermey asking (partially in vain) if Gunny could record a motivational message for my friend. To my great surprise and pleasure, a few days later i got a personalised recording from Gunny directed towards my friend; providing a great deal of inspiration. Those few words served to inspire my friend through some tough times. Gunny did not have to take his time to do such a thing, but he did so without hesitation. That is the sign of a great man. RIP Gunny and you will be missed. What a nice and generous guy.

by Ron Short 1 year ago

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since we lost the Gunny. He was a huge inspiration to a lot of people, myself included, and he is sorely missed.

by Karl Childers 1 week ago


by KLASS podcast 1 year ago

“Gunny “ Dammit you left us to soon Marine but, when you get that call from the “Supreme Commander” you snap to it with a hearty Yes Sir. Gunny I cannot tell you how much I personally will miss you and I’m sure that my thoughts here echo a lot of others. We still have you on the Military Channel doing mail call and I suppose that will have to suffice. Gunny this is a better place because of you. You’ve left a void that only “Gunny Ermy” could fill. I can imagine you standing tall at attention in heaven. Welcoming your fellow military brothers and sisters. Gunny you were a squared away Marine with a huge heart. SEMPER Fi Marine. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

by topturretgunner 1 year ago

I just can’t believe that he is gone. I love watching his content and now I guess that when I have watched all of his content I am gonna have to watch them again and again as he makes me feel good when I’m not having a good day as his personality, humour and his attitude just turns my day around completely

by Dylan Woodward 1 year ago

"We must not grieve for the loss of such men, but thank God that such men lived!"- Gen. George S. Patton

by john Mullholand 1 year ago


by Carlos Nunez 4 months ago

I remember every Saturday I would wake up and my dad and I would watch him on the Military Channel.

RIP Gunny, you were the greatest of all time and you inspired me to pursue a career in the military after I graduate college this year. You will never be forgotten

by Theodore Libelo 8 months ago

Once a Marine always a Marine..Oooraahhh!!! Semper Fi Gunny!! RIP

by Micheal Ken 1 year ago

Sgt Emery was the epitome of being a seargent...he was the core of the film Full metal jacket'.....I love this guy....he was the best image of a Marine...he was bad ass and probably he will keep the Angels in line in heaven..hell raiser on earth... respected every where else...

by september quest 9 months ago

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