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Creativity in the Digital Age with Johnny Marr

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Sustained creativity has always been a true differentiator. The people who regularly break through the status quo—and embolden others to do it, too—become our models for true ingenuity. Mentorship, collaboration, continuous learning, a growth mindset and, most of all, the human spirit are the engines that drive transformation in society, in business, and in the arts. “Creativity in the Digital Age,” a short film by Microsoft featuring music legend Johnny Marr, shines a spotlight on the vision, techniques, and values that fuel continual innovation and inventiveness.
Executive Producers: Roy Sharples and Steve Franklin. Art Direction: Mat Bancroft. Production Direction: Ben Thornley/Sitcom Soldiers. Artist Management: Gary Cohen, ATC Management.

Microsoft in Business photo 1 Creativity in the Digital Age... Microsoft in Business photo 2 Creativity in the Digital Age... Microsoft in Business photo 3 Creativity in the Digital Age... Microsoft in Business photo 4 Creativity in the Digital Age...

Why would you pick up you're phone while being at a Johnny Marr interview

by WOETOE 2 years ago

I would love to know the name of the song playing in the background... just another piece of johnny´s heavenly riffs...

by Pedro Ferreira 2 years ago

One of the most creative individuals working today.
That back catalogue is amazing. Keep it up Johnny.

by steve williamson 2 years ago

which is the song from the background?

by Marchesi 2 years ago

God, I love this man. He's why I pick up the guitar and play, every single day, until I keel over dead.

by Stig Hansen 2 years ago

What an excellent clip - Johnny Marr is a living legend and its great to see what inspires him and the embrace of new technology. Bravo!

by Julian Pratt 2 years ago

Fantastic. Johnny Marr is one of my favorite guitarists.

by TAR CRYSTALLINE 2 years ago

There's only one Johnny Marr.A legend.

by Linda2011ism 2 years ago

That was good stuff and Johnny Marr sure knows how to create some amazing music from all these years. :)

by KashMann27 2 years ago

I can't believe we made this and didn't get him in the new Manchester office!

by Ric Harris 2 years ago

Does anybody know what chords he's playing at the start?

by Flying Glove 2 years ago

Nice one, hope this is the next album you are all working on ! ..... and a tour of course.

by AB McK 2 years ago

I love how this video provides an insight to Johnny's creative process.

by doubleredsx3 2 years ago

Brilliantly crafted, amazing storytelling, compelling perspective - LOVE this!!!

by Adam Farish 2 years ago

Wow, that song that begins with the video. Is there a source for it?

by Zachary Lowe 2 years ago

Words cannot describe my react to this film. :thought_balloon:

by Matthew Jude 2 years ago

wait he has that bloody Digitech Space Station I want one

by TheZooropaBaby 2 years ago

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