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Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler WORTH $699!? Let’s try it!!

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Trying the dyson airwrap styler.. is it worth 699.99?!
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Mia Maples photo 1 Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler... Mia Maples photo 2 Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler... Mia Maples photo 3 Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler... Mia Maples photo 4 Is The Dyson Airwrap Styler...

Mia thinking this product was brand new and being excited to review it is the most Mia thing ever and i'm here for it.

by Sophia Holmes 3 weeks ago

Mia love you're using this soo wrong.. Just hold it vertical to your face and the arrow shows which way it will grab the hair. Also you're supposed to use hot and then cold air to set the curl! xo

by msuja 3 weeks ago

“I’m a huge fan of Dyson, I have their vacuum” lol

by tara crane 3 weeks ago

When you said 'this product would be good for space' my dumb ass thought you meant like OUTER SPACE.. damn

by Peaches and Gravy 3 weeks ago

You can review a product that I know I will never buy for 18 minutes and I will still watch it!

by Otylia Goszczyńska 3 weeks ago

“My camera can’t even focus because i am a new womaaaaan” -Mia 2020😂😂♥️

by Habiba Al-Najjar 3 weeks ago

* Mia convincing me to buy a 700$ curling wand for 20 minutes straight *

by Czena Kramer 3 weeks ago

Mia: more air than any of my other hair dryers
Me: why do you have more than one hair dryer?!😂

by Lily Shipman 3 weeks ago

There’s a Revlon “One Step hair dryer” which costs 50$ and you can get very similar results with it 🤗
It doesn’t have all those accessories, but tbh it doesn’t really need them.. (since I’ve been using it for a while and I’m able to get very similar results as in this video).
And also... it’s not 700$😅🌹

by Pau La 3 weeks ago

Mia looking like one of the seven dwarves 😂

by Charlotte Cass 3 weeks ago

Im at and Im just wondering if she realizes at any point that her hair is supposed to wrap by itself?

by Chimiichim Chim 3 weeks ago

Mia: Would be very good for space, as well.
Me: Pictures astronaut curling hair on ISS.

by Frozen Harlequin 3 weeks ago

At , Mia's hair that is wrapped on the curling iron has 4 different shades of blonde in descending order from darkest to lightest lol 😂

Edit: thanks for all the likes! Hope your day is going great ❤😋

by Jey O. 3 weeks ago

I’m so surprised you hadn’t seen Tati use it. 🤔 But I still couldn’t wait to watch YOU use it!!!

by Judi Moore 3 weeks ago

I would love to see you do a "I dressed liked Elle Woods for a Week" video! 💕💕

by ravina.beauty 3 weeks ago

Mia, when you said it was good for space I genuinely had a moment where I imagined you pulling out the brown case and trying to curl your hair in zero gravity. LOL. Of course, then I realized you meant space as in storage. WOW

by Tiffani Tucker 3 weeks ago

“What did you expect" and “late to the party" would be cool quotes for new merch 😂

by Liona Francis 3 weeks ago

Mia looking like Mia Thermopolis PRINCESS of Genovia at the beginning of the video

by Anna 3 weeks ago


YASS I'm here for this.


by kristeen S 3 weeks ago

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