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Ohio State Marching Band Pregame 10 26 2013 with Ramp and Script Ohio i Dotter Zacke Naughton

#Ohio State vs. Penn State #dot the i #Script Ohio (Musical Album) #Across The Field (Composition) #Music
Zacke Naughton Dots the "i" in Script Ohio during the pregame show at the October 26, 2013 Ohio State vs. Penn State Football game. This video shows the entire pregame show starting with the Ramp entry, the Drum Major back-bend, The Buckeye Battle Cry, Across the Field, Team entry onto the field through the Band formation, the National Anthem, and Script Ohio.

#The Shoe #Ohio State Team enters the field #Ohio (US State) #Ramp Entry #Buckeye Battle Cry (Composition) #Script Ohio #10/26/2013 #Ohio State University Marching Band (Musical Group) #OSUMB #i-dotter #Ohio Stadium #Ramp #Zacke Naughton #i dot #TBDBITL

mbandfan2 photo 1 Ohio State Marching Band Pregame... mbandfan2 photo 2 Ohio State Marching Band Pregame... mbandfan2 photo 3 Ohio State Marching Band Pregame... mbandfan2 photo 4 Ohio State Marching Band Pregame...

TBDBITL never gets old.ย  The entrance, script Ohio, been giving me thrills for 35 years.

by Jon Ansberry 6 years ago

Our National Anthem as played by the Ohio State band is what I call the "clear and plain version." Nothing jazzed up about that. Easy to sing with, as over 100,000 can tell you. Just another reason why Ohio State's band is very special. Oh, if they did want to do something different, have the crowd sing the FOURTH VERSE. Yeah, Our National Anthem has FOUR VERSES. That fourth verse? well, do a google and call it up. I believe it is more than anything else what our country was founded upon. Including God.

by john ferry 5 years ago

If you watch closely, at the end of the ramp entrance, the first trumpet in the last row does an exaggerated head nod action as he passes the goal post. Is this a cue for the drum major?

by Mark Mark1osufan 5 years ago

WOW!ย  Best damn band on the planet.ย  I am 4th generation Ohio proud!

by Judith Hofbauer 6 years ago

I love this band, it's fabulous!

by 212punch 6 years ago

thank you for taking such great video of the pre-game and half time :-) I always look forward to Sunday morning then i can watch The Best Damn Band in the Land :-)

by Bellawhales Voight 6 years ago

i was at this game. we got to the stadium early just to see the band and script ohio. of course, it was a night game and we were drinking since we woke up, and i don't recall much of pre-game. thanks to mbandfan2 for posting.
Go Bucks!!!!

by mike042465 5 years ago

Oh to be thatย young again and to be in a band like that!!ย  I was in a big university band in the 1960s, but nothing like that. There is nothing close to that.

by M. Lawson 5 years ago

Thanks for the amazing videos!!

by LSUAlpha 6 years ago

LOL, you can actually hear the band better on Mbandfan2's videos than you can in the stands.ย  When I first went to games folks listened instead of clapping, oh well times change.

by navmark77 6 years ago

This is a physically demanding pace, fine discipline, and well practiced coreography of music. A lot of credit to those involved!

by pbruc brooks 2 months ago

As much as im no ohio state fan i LOVE there band

by john burk 6 years ago

johngeorge comments about ohio state university band and comparison with mckeesport high school

by john george 1 year ago

Don't get me wrong: I'm dutch, and i do not understand the way the drum major is running with this funny style! What's the reason for that? And that he's bend his head!? It makes me laugh, everytime when i see this. Just for that only, it's great to watch you're clips! But like i said, don't get me wrong. I don't want to offend anyone! Sorry, if you feel that way, not my intension! Just curious! xx

by DINIE0011 1 year ago

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