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Why the Julian Assange Case Threatens the Free Press | 6 Pulitzer Prize Winners Explain

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The Trump admin's charges against Julian Assange may lead to the death of the Free Press. Here's 6 Pulitzer Prize winners for outstanding journalism, who warn that the Trump's administration latest indictment of Assange is a serious threat to freedom of all Americans.
Matt Orfalea
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by Matt Orfalea 4 weeks ago

The country that stand for freedom should also do what they say, or else freedom is lost!
It is frightening to see how more countries that have freedom move away from it more and more. People have died fighting for it, should there lives been lost in vain?!
Long live freedom of speech!

by Jesusswe91 8 months ago

If it wasn't so terrifying, the transparency of his silencers would be laughable. Good job Matt.

by Ellie Milianti 5 months ago

Happy Birthday Julian. Here's to many more.

by Jeff Winslow 8 months ago

Excellent compilation, Matt. If the government won't do the right thing, the people must. If they, unfortunately, need the backing of expert opinion before they act, then this may give them the excuse they need.

by Feral Sage 8 months ago

Here in Honduras, we have special love for Assange after revealing the US backed coup against our government

by Armando Blanco 8 months ago

Bravo, Matt! Excellent video. 👌

Happy birthday to Julian Assange! In a just world you would have been a witness for the prosecutions of the war criminals you exposed; instead you are rotting away in the UK's equivalent of Guantanamo Bay. You are a hero and a fierce warrior for truth. I'm eternally grateful to you for informing us when our governments have failed to do so.

by Warrior Waitress 8 months ago

Thanks for keeping it going, Matt. This is so daunting in the face of a short attention span world, but so very necessary that it is kept at the forefront. As a recently circulating meme goes ---"First they came for the [honest] journalists, and then we didn't know anything."

One minor quibble: The Boston Globe (and its Spotlight reporters) got the story that Baron ultimately ran with as editor of that paper, not the WaPo. But yeah, I get what you did and why. Still, it could have been easily threaded in with 6 words. . . "while editor of the Boston Globe. . . "
Thanks again for putting this together.

by David Otness 8 months ago

Happy birthday mr. Assange.
Thank you for the video my friend!
This is a topic of the highest importance.

by matthew delano 8 months ago

The U.S. Government is slowly becoming an authoritarian country.

by Travel Sharks 4 months ago

This is really good. Thanks for posting.

by No Labels 7 months ago

Best news show out there that is not getting a 100 or 200 thousand views with each show. Thanx Matt. Share this video.

by K & M 6 months ago

Love your stuff my peep. Congrats on your new gig and position in our struggle.

by G. Repp 4 months ago

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