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NORMAL EVERYDAY HUMAN... | Manual Samuel - Part 1

Markiplier photo 1 NORMAL EVERYDAY HUMAN... | Manual... Markiplier photo 2 NORMAL EVERYDAY HUMAN... | Manual... Markiplier photo 3 NORMAL EVERYDAY HUMAN... | Manual... Markiplier photo 4 NORMAL EVERYDAY HUMAN... | Manual...

"how is our son going to be a respected politician if he can't fend for himself?"
"i thought he was gonna be an actor"
"oh what's the difference"

oof 👀

by channel 10 months ago

“With some coffee in his system, Sam finds it easier to exist.”
Sam falls

by Devonjm06 1 year ago

Sam walks down the stairs with great per-
Sam decides o hurl himself down the stairs, apparently too used to hurling money around

by Kitten Jackson 8 months ago

Were he truly manual, he would need to consciously hold his pee in.

by Wren Oldham 1 year ago

love how one coffee costs 500 euros. but 2000 euros can help a barista open his own coffee shop.........

by ziljin 3 years ago

"Hey dude, still alive huh?"

Pretty much all of my friends from my high school years.

by Prior of the Ori 1 year ago

The narrator reminds me so much of the Stanley parable. It's like I am bread had a baby with the Stanley parable.

by Amber 1 year ago

I'm still learning how to be huUuUUuuUuUUUuUmAaAAaAaaAnNn

Me every day

by Kowan Wolf 1 year ago

Was anyone else manually breathing a lot for the last 10 mins of the video?

by GSC_RogueRaven 8 months ago

Mark: His back broke the wrong way!
Me: is... is there a right way??

by Tuna Fish 4 months ago

Omg, if you have on the captions, in one part, it says "Markipoo giggles" 😂😂😂

by ZoraZerpinHylian Gaming 1 year ago

Markiplier: I was getting ready to be so mad

Me: lol just wait

by Shyla 9 months ago

If everything is manual for him wouldn't that mean that he has to keep his heart pumping

by Morningstar 1 year ago

"I'm really trying here!"
>Proceeds to hit the same leg-key twice, nine times in a row

by Caleb Burns 1 year ago

It’s nearly 1:30 am and my husband couldn’t figure out for the “liiiiife” of him why I was laughing so damned hard. I couldn’t tell what was funnier, Mark’s commentary, The Narrator or the movement Mark was making Sam do with the constant “popping” noise of blinking to all the split slug walking....

by Serena Kimlin 11 months ago

mark: saying how easy and fun the game is gonna be
Game: Time to end this mans whole career sanity

by Tilatron 1 month ago

I don't know if someone explained this already, but a quick lesson in Greek mythology: Charon was the immortal ferryman of the Underworld. It was customary to place a coin under the tongues of the deceased so that they could pay Charon to cross the river Styx and enter the afterlife. Those who couldn't would essentially be stuck in the Greek equivalent of purgatory, unable to pass on and unable to return to Earth. Whether or not this tradition is still observed, I have no idea.

Also, to set things straight once and for all: The Greek Underworld is NOT their version of Hell. Yes, Hades was its ruler, Cerberus guarded its gates, and there are very famous stories about the punishments like Sisiphus and Tantalus, but the Grecian Underworld was believed to have a section for those who led good lives that was basically party central. Extra fun fact: Cerberus's name roughly translates to "spotted hound" if I receall, meaning the guardian of the Underworld is literally named Spot. Dwell on that...

by KalligTheGray 6 months ago

Death: um. You be turning kinda blue. Might wanna consider breathing.
Me: begins breathing very intentionally.

Narrator: how hard is it to blink, Sam?
Me: begins blinking VERY intentionally.

by Keith West 8 months ago

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