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This Video Card Costs Over $5000

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by Linus Tech Tips 3 weeks ago

It doesn't even have VGA output. Hard pass.

by TheMrminimario 3 weeks ago

“Only takes 10 gigs of memory”
My pc: where’s a rope?

by OGlass 3 weeks ago

"It costs $400,000 to game on this computer for 12 seconds."

by ZenaBox 3 weeks ago

'it only takes 10 gb of memory!'

My pc: what is a gigabyte

by YaBoiRey 2 weeks ago

Linus: "this gpu costs $5500!"
Also Linus: drops it

by Devin Dickinson 3 weeks ago

"This video card costs over $5000. That's right, we're doing a budget build!"

by Fatty 3 weeks ago

Me: Imagine having this GPU on school computers.
The earth: explodes

by GFL 1 week ago

Ill just sell my house and get 2 titan's. Better be homeless than having a bad graphic card

by Abdel Ez 3 weeks ago

the “where to buy” popping up in the corner like normal people can afford this card is corny

by Cute Bridge 5 days ago

I love how Linus talks recommending stuff, as if most of us here were really considering between dual Titans or a Quadro.

by KuronoXD 3 weeks ago

“We can’t get game like performance”
The day we get pixar movie quality games is the day computers have gone too far

by legomeaker101 2 weeks ago

Rtx 8000: is most expensive

Gv100: laughs in kidneys

by Aryan Mishra 3 weeks ago

Thieves eyeing up Linus Media Studio.

‘Write that down’
‘Write that down’

by Ur MOM 5 days ago

Imagine playing minecraft with this card at the lowest settings

by Ahmed Awad 2 weeks ago

You know how I can tell that "The Compensator 3" is the most expensive PC built by Linus?

He actually activated Windows on it.

by Jimy Young 3 weeks ago

Imagine paying 2500 dollar more to have the power connections on the back of the card, Nvidia could change their logo to an apple at this point.

by Vanic 87 3 weeks ago

card was so expensive, he needed 2 sponsors

by Marco 20 hours ago

Let me just Highlight: These Quadro cards are made for one thing : that is hold lots of Vram. You will need these if you want to render the Final Battle in Avengers Endgame.Or if you do texture painting on Creatures like Godzilla.

by Carl Schildhauer 2 weeks ago

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