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Les Do Makeup photo 1 Q & A DOING MY... Les Do Makeup photo 2 Q & A DOING MY... Les Do Makeup photo 3 Q & A DOING MY... Les Do Makeup photo 4 Q & A DOING MY...

Hispanic parents stayyyy saying “marrido” instead of “novio” like slow downnnnn :grimacing::joy:

by Cynthia Carinaaa 5 months ago

No one:
Leslie’s Mom: :v_tone3::v_tone3::v_tone3:

by Xiomi 5 months ago

Leslie mom : “para que todas voten, Wuuu” :v_tone1::relieved::v_tone1:. :joy::joy:

by Carina Garcia 5 months ago

I love how she directs to her parents with “usted” so respectful. :raised_hands_tone2:

by Carla Marquez 5 months ago

Do a video with Alex's mom or tell Alex to do one with his mom.

by Crystal 5 months ago

Like para Que la vuela a maquillar en su cumpleaños :birthday:

Like so she can get her makeup for her birthday :birthday:

by Genesis Esparza 5 months ago

they both use the “sh” instead of “ch” lmaooo “la shancla”

by Tania Pedraza 5 months ago

This video will be in Spanish from here and on
Leslie: all English

by Angelica Garcia 5 months ago

Its nice knowing I am not the only one talking to my parents de “usted” so many people now a days talk to their parents de “tu”. and to me it sounds so weird

by Klaudia Karmona 5 months ago

Your mom is like my mom, Everytime I would go out, my mom would cover for me and not tell my dad because my dad would get mad too y tambien la regañaba a mi mom lol maybe it's just a Mexican parent thing:shrug_tone1:‍♀️

by Lissette Arias 5 months ago

Yo voto para que Les maquille a su mom 🤪:sparkling_heart: quien mas?! :raising_hand_tone1:‍♀️

by Melissa Torres 5 months ago

I don’t understand a word :joy: still watching to support my girl lol

by Beka 5 months ago

Leslie’s mom is me, pa todo: :v_tone3: wuu

Yo voto para que la maquille les en su cumpleaños! :raised_hands_tone3:

by Michelle Tellez 5 months ago

her mom is meeeeee keeping her eyes closed when not necessary..

by martha chavez 5 months ago

Let’s all send les mom a bday gift to show her we love her and want to see her on here again! I loved her 🥰:hearts:️

by Smiley Bebes 5 months ago

She said "Pa que todos voten wuu :v::v:" :joy:

by Leslie Saucedo 5 months ago

I LOVE that you use “usted” and proper respect towards her :heart:️ I’m 41 and still do this with my mom!

by Monica Rodriguez 5 months ago

My mom doesn’t let me talk to her de “usted” lol! She said it makes her feel old :joy:

by Kimmy 5 months ago

“LIKE” so Les can get her make up done by her mom :grimacing:

by Citlally Juarez 5 months ago

I don’t think I’ve ever heard your accent until now hearing you speak with your mom. Ha.

by NanaLyne23 5 months ago

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