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Coronavirus: Law enforcement officials provide update on safety precautions in Los Angeles County

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Update: Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among deputies and inmates as his department increased precautionary measures against the spread of the coronavirus, including reducing the population within the vulnerable jail system. #coronavirus
Story: https://ktla.com/news/coronavirus/l-a...

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I dont know whats more deadly these guys with a license to kill or the coronavirus

by SteveDesu 1 week ago

So they are releasing prison inmates AND he's recommending not to buy guns at this time? Boo this man booooooo

by NPC #1337 1 week ago

The purge 4: escape from L.A.

by ** 1 week ago

Good bye, Los Angeles.

by Bil Ska 1 week ago

Screw corrupt cops and the rest of the corrupt government officials.

by nunya business 1 week ago

We needed this CRISIS to implement "Criminal Justice Reform."

by Never Give Up 1 week ago

"As of this morning, out of the 16,459 inmates in our custody, we have zero confirmed cases of the virus."

So, if you're a prisoner, you automatically qualify for a SARS-CoV-II test?

by Hi 1 week ago

Be careful when these guys are around , they data collect on the clock and expose citizens at thier most private moments ! .r.i.p

by Edwin Mejia 1 week ago

The begining of the end has begun!

by Ron B. B 1 week ago

This an excuse to psckage and ship out allthe homeless in DTLA all in line for the 2028 l

by Ron B. B 1 week ago

Is police shooting in California considered a sport like in Laredo Texas? Because more people have been killed in Laredo by people with badges than anything.

by Steve Ladner 1 week ago

Get out of L.A. now!

by Bil Ska 1 week ago

What about the paramilitary NRA and local police forces, setting up no go areas for strangers?
New slogan..."Keep Strangers Out!"

by John Bell 6 days ago

More power for the corrupt police good luck boot lickers

by what's gud 1 week ago

just need to go out and pick up my bud and ill be good

by Gerson Rodriguez 1 week ago

What law gives him authority to close a business or order healthy people home? Answer. NONE. If he were a Nazi in WW2 he would gas populations and say "just doing my job."

THERE IS ZERO AUTHORITY TO CLOSE BUSINESSES. Guidelines are NOT lawful orders. Will he use force to close businesses? That's what enforcement brings

by Joe Stetz 4 days ago

Time to let mother nature take care of the cesspool and elites lol.

by Strange Wolf 1 week ago

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