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THE DIVINE DEATHWING! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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Hearthstone Battlegrounds - Deathwing wants tokens, but he will settle for a divine army.
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Kripparrian photo 1 THE DIVINE DEATHWING! - Hearthstone... Kripparrian photo 2 THE DIVINE DEATHWING! - Hearthstone... Kripparrian photo 3 THE DIVINE DEATHWING! - Hearthstone... Kripparrian photo 4 THE DIVINE DEATHWING! - Hearthstone...

Todays fact: Grinding Gear Games, the developers of Path of Exile considered Kripp so beneficial to the game's growth that they have a special thanks to him in the games end credits.

by Facterino Commenterino 1 month ago

Those pack rat snipes are my entire life when playing Deathwing. Every time.

by Ezekiel Buck 1 month ago

"you don't get exactly Pack Rat"

Jokes on you Kripp, the real name of the card is, of course, Pat Rack

by Distemper 1 month ago

Getting a triple on the Cobalt actually grants the murlocs divine shield btw. Neat interaction I learned about

by JesusFallstoHell 1 month ago

Him saying "Pack Rat" bothers me way more than it should

by Diego Covre 1 month ago

Oh I love my pack rats alright

by Akif C.O. 1 month ago

"You might not get exaxtly pack rat, and then you have to improvise"
Gets pack rat on the second turn at tier 2

by Exantius E 1 month ago

I think you needed to tripple the dragon...

by Kasper Fox 1 month ago

Kripp: "EVERYONE is playing double cobalts"
Also Kripp: "I found a new way to play deathwing: DIVINE SHIELDS!!!"
Kripp plays double cobalts

by Michael Kugelmann 3 weeks ago

gotta go fast

by eZ 1 month ago

The ghoul is an underrated card especially for when you're deathwing. Being able to kill your enemy's divine shield or tokens that much quicker if you don't get divine shields or tokens early on yourself is critical.

by John 1 month ago

Hey! Just wanted to say that I just started playing Hearthstone a month ago, and your Battlegrounds videos really helped this newbie out. I just won with a Deathwing build for the first time using some of the tips you shared, so thank you so much for that!

by VL (YBlvr) 1 month ago

First time playing new patch and I got Deathwing, went second to divine shield murlocs. He is very strong.

by TJ Suydam 1 month ago

You have 65 seconds dammit!!! Don't go $โ€ฟ$ man.

by Cem TemeltaลŸ 1 month ago

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