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GRIMES: Trailer - Rick Grimes Movies (The Walking Dead) [Unofficial / Fan Made]

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Hey everyone, please note that this is not the official trailer, this is just a fan made one, hence why the title says “fan made”..
I am very excited for the Rick Grimes movies and I can’t wait for the official trailer, let alone the actual movies. So instead of just sitting on my hands I thought it would be a fun idea to make my own little trailer for it. I used some scenes from World War Z and a couple other shows. Or I took things extremely out of context and hoped for the best. I tried to make the trailer as realistic as possible, but it’s hard to do without any new footage for Rick of course. I hope people will still enjoy the trailer and don’t feel click baited, because that was not my intention in the slightest. It’s always very dangerous to make a trailer for stuff like this, because people never read properly and will think it’s the official one and hate on your work. Which is a shame, because I put some effort into this video and I only made it to entertain you folks.
I thought GRIMES for title would be pretty badass, sounds a bit like Logan. So simplistic, yet powerful. I hope they name the actual movies like that! But it will probably be something like The Walking Dead Movie..
I would love to see Anne, Heath, Morgan and Negan in the Rick Grimes movies, that’s why I added them in. Michonne will of course be in the movies (didn’t Danai Gurira confirm that?), but I couldn’t really think of any scenes for her that would make sense. But I did add in her boat adventure to make it seem as if she is going to save Rick after Eugene got in contact via the radio. Don’t ask me how Rick can have contact with a walkie-talkie over such a long distance..
The art in the thumbnail is NOT done by me, but by ‘Johnney5dalivo’. I found it by searching for ‘Rick Grimes movies fanart’. I can’t find a link to where he originally posted it, but if I can find it I will post it here!
The song is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RB5Ut...
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It appears we have even crossed the 20K subscriber mark now! Damn. That is incredible. I truly am honoured to have such an amazing community to support my channel and the videos I put out. It’s great to not only receive kind and heartfelt comments, but also to see that you guys are getting along in the comments with each other. Previously this would be more of sale-speech, but honestly, I doubt anything I say here can convince you to hit that subscribe button. If you watched the video you can decide for yourself. All I’ll say is that you clicking once on that button actually helps me out a lot, especially with how terrible YouTube’s algorithms are currently. ( I don’t even want to know what they will be like in the future) Either way, thank you to those who subscribe! Become a Kek (??) and completely destroy that subscribe button!

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Kekker photo 1 GRIMES: Trailer - Rick Grimes... Kekker photo 2 GRIMES: Trailer - Rick Grimes... Kekker photo 3 GRIMES: Trailer - Rick Grimes... Kekker photo 4 GRIMES: Trailer - Rick Grimes...

This should literally be the OFFICIAL TRAILER for the movie cause it was so dang good

by FortzFN 1 month ago

We all know this is a million times better then whatever AMC is going to give us, especially with Gimple in charge

by Zeusdog27 1 month ago

I can totally see them calling it “GRIMES”. It’d make it less about TWD and more about the man himself and my god, I wanna see Andy Lincoln back on the screen again.

by Jake Ryan Booth 2 weeks ago

This fan made version trailer looks more realistic then the one they are "preparing" for us...

by Murv 2 weeks ago

Goddammit my heart skipped a beat - Though the real trailer can't be that far away?

by Noren 1 month ago

If Eugene is the first to hear/see Rick again I wouldn't be dissapointed.

by AngelHunter GT 1 month ago

Bruh, if I had never seen the show, I would've believed this was the actual trailer. What a masterpiece you just made!! Very cinematic and very convincing. Not using just scenes from the main walking dead show was a good idea, it added to the believability of the trailer. Amazing work man, this was great!! :D

by The Warleader Productions 1 month ago

He'll be back for sure...for me the series is all about rick... the "cant catch a break" rick grimes...

by Jay Tee 1 day ago

In the actual movie...if daryl's not there I'm gonna be sooooo pissed

by Jessica Deodat 1 week ago

The scene with Rick and Eugene gave me chills

by Bruno T 2 weeks ago

Lol I actually thought this was the official trailer

by TJA210 2 weeks ago

that was actually lit. can't wait for the movies xD

by TWD Heart 1 month ago

I’ll be honest I’m pretty disappointed to find out that this isn’t the official trailer I was so hyped. Good job my guy

by Cement Pro 1 month ago

Whoever made this, respect... good editing work. I caught all the World War Z and Fear The Walking Dead footage in the top... nice job. Can’t wait til they have a real trailer to show us though

by Marcus Thompson 4 days ago

"maybe after that, you should just run" even though this is fan made, that my brother gave me tears of joy lol

by Noah Oceanic 3 weeks ago

Just be a director already lol. I love it! Also Happy Valentine's Day

by Melinda Morales 1 month ago

I hope rick was in coma all this time bc if he wasn't I really don't know how he didn't found way to return. But I think that this is a logical explanation. Hope🙏🏻
If my theory is right then imagine his sock when he finds out that he was in coma for 6 years 🤯

by the secrets of sciense 2 days ago

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