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Bob Marley Cover "IS THIS LOVE" by Kaye-Ree, publishing by Blue Mountain Music/Kobalt music)

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The Persian/German artist Kaye-Ree has been on the Global-Soul map since 2009, when she released her first album „Endless Melody“..
A mix of classical guitar, Kaye-Ree’s soulful voice, that is surely on an international level, flowing on 90’s HipHop/RnB Beats and the indian Tabla, complete her unique and constantly developing cross-over sound..
Now, after her second album „New Air“ and her successful appearance on the popular casting show “The Voice of Germany”, she is ready to release her new music. As her first Single of the upcoming album “Growth”, she is presenting the song “Is this love” by Bob Marley that she touched the audience with at the TV Show. It’s her own acoustic version of the legendary song that she chose, to send the message of love for the summer of 2019.
(Publishing by Blue mountain music/Kobalt music, no copyright infringement is intended)
Credits, Vocals: Kaye-Ree
Guitar and Song Production: Martin Loos
Tabla: Kio Nawab
Drums: Amir Eftekhari
Bass: Uwe Felski
Video Production, ARUS Media GmbH for Reelement Records
Camera: Axel Ruske
Project Management: Melanie Manns
Post Production: Axel Ruske, Kaye-Ree, Melanie Manns
Supported by, Wasta Films Barcelona, Natascha Oneto
Location Management: Raúl Candales Franch
copyright: ARUS Media GmbH & Kaye-Ree /Reelement Records

#mel manns #independent musician #is this love #Bob Marley #soul music #amir eftekhari #uwe felski #diefantastischenvierofficial #persian/german #axel ruske #thevoiceofgermany #natasha oneto #kio nawab #share love #martin loos #melanie manns #wasta films barcelona #persian singer #wegotsoul #BobMarley #soul #Blue mountain music/Kobalt music #arus media gmbh #reelement records #raúl candales franch #Growth #music.Faktory

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Simply beautiful, at all levels.

by L Ka 1 month ago

Wundervoll - wie war das : " Offenbacher sind überall" :-)

by Sarah Burhenne 8 months ago

Eine wahre Lady zum lieben ..
Fühle mich glücklich,mit ihr 2 mal vor der Kamera gestanden zuhaben ..
Wir lieben dein stimme 🙏🏽🙏🏽

by jata63 8 months ago

Diese schönen Menschen.. dieser wunderbare Song.. und ich bekomme nicht genug von euch :)

by Pictures by Manns 8 months ago

I'll be there! Big love and respect sister. A duet soon?

by Marc Avon Evans 8 months ago

Wunderschön ❤️

by MoMa 8 months ago

Hallo Kathrin habe dich gesehen bei The Voice of Germany und du hattest mir unendlich Gänsehaut bereitet für mich war es klar sie wird The Voice of Germany als du dann rausgeflogen bist hat es mir das Herz zerrissen💔 wirst du es wieder versuchen da hinzugehen🤗 du schaffst es ich bin mir ganz sicher

by Petra Bru 7 months ago

Good cover🤘🏽 jah love from Tahiti!!🌹

by Ahyun Tuarae 3 months ago

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